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RPGaDay 3: Pillars of Eternity

The topic of today's #RPGaDay is 'Favourite new game in the last 12 months'. This is easy - Pillars of Eternity.

I am not sure if I am allowed to post a video game for this... probably not, but Pillars of Eternity are fantastic and reminds me of Baldur's Gate. It is also the type of game that you don't want to start if you don't have times to invest in it... cause it is friggen addictive!


So, after this post of shameless self promotion for #rpgaday I am only going to pimp my most favourite games aside from my own, but for my answer today the my most anticipated rpg is WITCH!

I Kickstarted my game WITCH back in March and we are well on out way to being done. It is set to release in November. WITCH is a dark, modern fantasy role play game where you play a member of the Fated a witch or warlock who has sold their soul to a demon for power. The game centers heavily on persona drama and weaving a character's epic story into the main plot of the game. It is about triumphing over seemingly insurmountable odds and discovering yourself... and magic!

Out magic system is pretty special (I think ^_^). Unlike normal rpgs we don't limit how much you can cast, you can cast your magic as much as you want! However, your chance for catastrophic failure increases each time you do, so the question comes down to how much you are willing to gamble in order to get things done.

I work…