Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Okay, first I need to apologize for something! It is was jerky of me to say that the recipes I posted before only kinda looked good. They looked totally good, even before I tried them, so I just wanted to say that!

Now, you are probably wondering - how has it been Liz?! 

It has been going... well! Which I find extremely scary. When am I going to crash from this thing? I think there are a few reasons for this. The first is my husband and I eat out once or twice a week and, like I said in my first post, when I go to eat out I eat whatever I want (including meat, dairy and eggs).

Secondly, my diet hasn't changed much (except for eating way more desert... only for the sake of trying of recipes of course ^^). Erik and I used to eat vegetarian a lot, because biological meat is so expensive. When I cooked veggie food, I often cooked Thai, because it is delicious. There is no dairy in Thai food and while I used to use a lot of eggs, I have stopped doing that and replaced them with more veggies. Easy and simple!

Mug cake - actually good!
Aside from Thai, I mainly cook Italian, which has been slightly harder... I mean I love throwing cheese on everything. But a really lovely friend on FB suggested this recipe for making fake cheese (or Feese as I am calling it). I will be trying this on the weekend!

Thirdly, CHOCOLATE. I found out that the fairtrade chocolate I love is vegan. /dies/happy/forever/ I was so happy I even took a picture with it, you can see me and my chocolate above. Loving each other and taking selfies with each other.

Finally, I failed on one point hard core. Like many of you out there (I think) I assumed that wine was vegan. Guess what? Most wine isn't -_-. This is basically because producers aren't willing to wait the time that is needed for wine to get yummy, so they add crap into it. You can read all about it in this blog post. Guess what? I LOVE WINE. Luckily, my other love, whiskey, is vegan. So, when I go out I have made the switch from wine to whiskey.

I was kind of disappointing to find out about wine. Mostly, because I went to a big bbq with all my friends and while smelling the delicious spare ribs on the grill I was consoling myself with nice bottle of rosé. Allllll to myself. Don't judge. At the end of the night I was super proud of myself for only eating veggies (and super tipsy), even though I had told myself I could eat whatever I wanted when going to a friends for dinner. -_- Meh, whatever. I still feel like this was a win.

Now! I promised you pics of what I was eating, I tried to get as artistic as possible with these. Here you go:

Cookie dough bars
Verdict: Yum!
Do I miss the dairy: Nope
These bars were super yummy. Anything that lets you eat spoonfuls of raw dough is yummy. Period. They say you can use real butter in this, I used vegan margarine, which I actually recommend to anyone making this recipe. These bars are /heavy/ I could barely get through one and I can imagine if you use real butter they are even heavier. 

Pad see ew
Verdict: Yum!
Do I miss the oyster sauce/eggs: Yes :(
This was delicious and it is something I make often with a fried egg on top. It basically tasted exactly the same as before, but it missed that bit of magic. The crackly fried egg white, the runny yellow yoke, the five teaspoons of fish sauce I would dump on it after everything was done as my husband looked on in horror :P. Also, I swear I could taste that there was no oyster sauce. Saying all that, I think this is a mental thing. The way you eat things as a kid just has a special magic to it!

Red lentil dhal
Do I miss anything: Nope!
Now, this does not taste anything like any dhal I've had/made before, but that isn't to say it wasn't tasty. If you are making this and it is just two of you, half or even quarter the recipe, cause it really makes a lot. Also, the blogger suggests only 10 minutes cook time for the lentils, which in my opinion was way too short. I ended up cooking mine for 30 mins.
Cashew coconut rice
Verdict: Yum! Yum! Yum!
Do I miss anything: Nope!
Hehe, I just realized you can't see any of the actual food under all the coriander and fried onions I put on top. However, this was my favorite meal of the entire week. It was delicious and easy! There is a lot of chopping in the recipe so I bought a bag of shredded cabbage and mixed veggies to save myself some heartache.

Veggie Bolognese
Verdict: Nice
Do I miss meat: Eh.
When I make a bolognese, like really decide I want to make one, I dump at least a bottle of wine in it and let it stew for a minimum of a few hours. For a quick dish that tastes nice, but is not a bolognese, this is really tasty! 

Franken cupcake: Cupcake - Icing
Verdict: YUM!
Do I miss dairy: Nope.
You can see my lovely assistant Femke in the picture here! Okay, I was more like her assistant as she did all the work and I danced around the kitchen with my camera :P. People, these were /goooooood/! Actually, this chocolate cupcake recipe is my normal go-to chocolate cupcake recipe, because it is so moist and delicious. I found it a year ago and I have never looked back! But, because Femke is allergic to nuts (and I didn't want to kill her) we decided to go with a cookies and cream frosting instead of the peanutbutter one I normally use.


Well, that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed my blog post. Next time I blog about this I have decided to delve into the world of fake meat (Feat), which kind of terrifies me. 

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive and given me lots of tasty recipes to try. I was hoping my blogging about this that I would be able to talk to friends I know about vegan food and what I should eat. So for everyone who has been helpful, thank you so much & lots of love!



  1. Great research! The Cashew coconut rice looks absolutely amazing (and I'm also a huge sucker for coriander <3333). I will try that one at home too! And good for you to try all those recipes and being so serious about this. Respect!

    I also have that thing with chick peas that they always stay kinda raw?

    Either way, I dug in my Pinterest and came up with a couple more ideas for you:

    Vegan roasted red pepper pasta

    Honey Lime Sweet Potato Black Bean and Corn Tacos

    Kim Chi

    Making seitan (sort of tofu but with wheat)

    1. Yummmmmmy! I will try a few of these! Lovelovelove!

  2. Damn, not being able to drink wine (and, I assume, beer) is rough. Drinking whiskey is a nice consolation, but quite a "paardenmiddel" for just relaxing after a full day at work. Hope you'll be all right! ;-P