Thursday, July 9, 2015

Going Vegan. Kinda. With recipes that look good. Kinda.

So, yesterday after running I went onto my FB feed and the first thing I see (and click) is this video:

WARNING: This is really sad, but not graphic.

So, granted the fact that I am always overly emotional after running added to my guttural reaction to this video. But, it is still horrible. Naturally, this lead me to say, but this doesn't happen in all countries right? Then I youtubed 'baby chicks grinder' and my world basically shattered.

Last year I started to buy biological meat after watching other horrible youtube videos ....I should really be banned from the site... Any way, I had decided I liked meat, but that I only wanted to eat it from animals that had a happy life before they died. Now, I realize that there is a lot of corruption in the biological meat industry, that what you might be getting isn't really biological, but it was my sincere belief that by creating demand for these types of products, that at one point it would create change.

Buying bio meat/dairy was good for me and my partner, because it meant/means we eat a lot more veggies, because meat is fricken expensive. One bio chicken breast at the AH is six-friggen-euros. Ain't nobody got money for that!

Then, yesterday, I saw baby chickens getting thrown in meat grinders while they were still conscious and proceeded to watch horrible videos of this happening all over the world O_O.

So yeah, I need a cooling off period. 

I love meat so much. I love you. You are so tasty. Your fat adds deliciousness to everything... If I could eat a bacon-topped-fried-crackling meal every meal I would, because you are so tasty and I love you.

But we have to break up for a while. I also have to break up with my other lover, eggs, because apparently that leads to baby chicks being thrown in the chipper... And f&%! it I am just going to swear off cheese/dairy too, cheese you sexy beast, you delicious melty, sexy beast... cause I am pretty sure if I youtube something about your industry it will make me cry, again.

To accommodate this, because I don't think I can go cold turkey. I have made a few promises to myself! When I go over to other people's houses to eat, I am going to eat whatever they put in front of me. 1) Because my friends are great cooks and I want to eat their food. 2) Because I know how stressful it is trying to cook different meals for people and I would prefer not to ask that. Also, I love myself some fancy dinners out, so when I got out to eat, I am going to eat whatever the heck I want. Finally, I'm still gonna make my partner meat, because he likes it and I can't force him to do this with me. 

And I am going to keep doing this till I don't see dead baby chick on top of each piece of anything that I eat.

So, after making these promises I was like - what the hell am I going to eat (that is tasty) ±6 days out of the week?! I did some googling and I found the following recipes. Next week, I am going to do another blog post tell you if they were tasty (or not) and be honest about it... cause I am from the school of thought which decrees, "butter makes everything better." And  I will also takes photos of everything so you can see what these recipes actually look like made by a normal non-food blogger. 

Here we go (click the title to go to the recipe!):

Actually, I make this all the time with tofu, and it is delicious... but I thought I'd better share it, because more people should be eating pad thai XD.

Try some of these with me and let me know what you think!



  1. That's great! I've been debating on going vegan or not but my BF is a lot less understanding than Eric seems to be. But I guess Eric has 100% faith in your cooking, which helps xD
    Do you still eat fish, though?
    Also, being a young woman and all, it might be helpful to see your doctor and have your iron and B12 levels checked, and see if you should apply for B12 shots. Going vegetarian can usually be balanced out by eggs, but being vegan might require some extra vitamins.
    Still, I read that eating a fat steak once a month will take care of those B12 levels right away.

    Also, its absolutely not a problem if you have that one friend who doesn't eat meat. Didi is also a vegetarian and we cooked weekly during our RPG nights and it was not that much of a hassle, really. Just throw a veggie burger in a pan and serve that next to her spaghetti xD

    Either way... you have inspired me, I will try to be vegetarian too, but I cannot say bye to eggs (MY LOVE). I'll have a look around to see if there is a farm that sells free-range eggs.

    1. That is a good idea about the b12. When I/if I go 100% vegan then I will make sure to check some things with my doctor first. Since Erik and I eat out about once a week, I will probably have meat/eggs/dairy then so that will help to get all those things!

  2. Trying vegan is an adventure in cooking. I got hold of Vegan Planet a few years ago and was making recipes like crazy from it. Fell off the wagon due to time--I had to cook everything. And I found a good source of humanely and sustainably raised eggs and some meats, so we've been lucky. We have a good farmers market in our town too.