Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beautiful Sunday - Love wins!

People, I am here to say - I have had a really bad few weeks. As always Tina Belcher, my spirit animal, sums it up perfectly:

But then on Friday something amazing happened and I thought- You know what? It's time for a beautiful Sunday. So, here we go!

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. I hope there is someone in your life who accepts you and utterly loves you for everything you are. If there isn't, I hope you know you are amazing and wonderful and that you mean something to this world. I hope that your week has treated you kindly. I hope that people have treated you with the respect the deserve and you've felt the love that everyone needs. I hope this post will make your Sunday a bit brighter.

* * * 

First off, LOVE finally won this week! Marriage equality is now a thing is all 50 states of the USA!

Now, listen to this, let Stevie Nicks' sing to your soul:

When I was 10, I decided that I wanted to try to be one of the cool kids and listen to music, cause that was the cool thing to do at the time. So I went to the coolest person I knew, my mom, and I asked her to buy me some CDs. She came back to me with three CDs: Bananaramma's Bananaramma, Madonna's Immaculate Collection, and Fleetwood Mac's Rumors. The year was 1997. I listened to all these CDs religiously and after summer break I was ready to impress all the new, cool friends I was going to make...

Well, that's enough of that story. At least I was a kid with a 'unique' taste in music.

Moving swiftly along...

Learning to Leave by Cynthia Shepard
Have you heard of Cynthia Shepard? She is a digital artist and has worked for RPG companies like Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Wizard's of the Coast. Yeah, she is a big deal and when you look at her work there is no wonder why. She has a lot of greys in her pallet, but the depth that she brings to these pieces is just amazing. Below is my favourite piece of hers, just beautiful.

Heart of Fire by Cynthia Shepard

Also, do you like pop art and burlesque? I know I do!

Sturdy and Mimi by Sarah Richardson
+Sarah Richardson and I recently had a discussion about a project she did for art school. Basically, she got to go to a bunch of burlesque bars and sketch beautiful women. Yes, I am also jealous. Then again, Sarah is an amazing illustrator and her works for this book really bring me happiness. I think they capture the heart of burlesque, the joy, and the excitement. Don't have the book yet? You really should, and lucky for you she still has copies!

Finally, play this!  Monster Loves You!

I found this game on Steam ($9.99) and it is well worth the money. I bought it because it combined two things in my life I always need - monsters and the incessant need for love and acceptance. This game is a choose your own story game where you grow from a tiny monster in the spawning pit to either making peace between humans and monsters OR inciting a species war that decimates one (or both populations).

This game was utter stress relief for me. The choice you make matter, but they aren't at the "now I am going to cry into my controller because I made Liara angry? How did I make her angry? She is never angry at any one!" level. If you like monsters, cute things, and a fun story this is the game for you! Also, because of all the choice in the game, it has tons of re-playability. There are so many endings, I have played it five times now and I haven't gotten to all of them.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


PS - Have you played Monster Loves You!? Do you also think Blotz is an ass? Let me know and let's form a fan club!

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