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Beautiful Sunday - Love wins!

People, I am here to say - I have had a really bad few weeks. As always Tina Belcher, my spirit animal, sums it up perfectly:

But then on Friday something amazing happened and I thought- You know what? It's time for a beautiful Sunday. So, here we go!

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. I hope there is someone in your life who accepts you and utterly loves you for everything you are. If there isn't, I hope you know you are amazing and wonderful and that you mean something to this world. I hope that your week has treated you kindly. I hope that people have treated you with the respect the deserve and you've felt the love that everyone needs. I hope this post will make your Sunday a bit brighter.

* * * 
First off, LOVE finally won this week!Marriage equality is now a thing is all 50 states of the USA!
Now, listen to this, let Stevie Nicks' sing to your soul:

When I was 10, I decided that I wanted to try to be one of the cool kids and listen to music, cause that was …

Fifty Shades of Good AKA Coming to terms with the fact that you and your friends are homocidal sociopaths...

Last weekend my friends and I started a new mini 5th edition D&D campaign. It was a lot of fun, it always is playing with my friends, and I really love the changes made between 4th and 5th edition.

In this game I decided to play a dwarven Ranger named Fern. She left the mountains where she grew up and the first time she saw a forest, she never looked back. I decided that Fern was pesudo-hippy, totally relaxed, peaceful, and against killing.While we were making our characters and noming on some delicious take-out, my friend Andries asked everyone a question that passes many people's mouths while making characters together, "We're all playing Good-aligned, right?"

Echoes of yes, duh, shut up I'm eating, echoed through our group of friends and it was decided - we were playing a Good-aligned party. I thought to myself, "Phew! Now I can really try out this concept."

...Then we started to play...

Within twenty minutes of playing, our level 1 characters a…

When to know you were wrong

So, I was wrong...

If you didn't know I am the creator of the game WITCH, where members of the Fated can sell their souls to a demon for power. To describe different Fates (classes, types of witch/warlock) in our game we use names like Lich, Yokai, Druid, etc. Through the creation in the game and during our Kickstarter, I received messages from people who were offended by the names in my game - namely the use of the word Pagan.

These were messages from people who identified with following a Pagan religion etc. When I heard this feedback, I understood where they were coming from and I realized why they would find the use of the word Pagan offensive - no body wants to be connected to people who sell their soul.

I like to think of myself as a generally nice person. I care about how people feel and it makes me feel bad if someone is hurt through my actions. This, of course, is tempered with the fact that I know if you work in any industry you need to have thick skin. You will always o…