Monday, May 18, 2015

Five things to do with RPGs that have nothing to do with what you should be writing...

So, today has been a pretty quiet day, which normally means - yay let's write WITCH stuff. However, today I decided to do absolutely nothing productive WHATSOEVER aside from stare at an amazing drawing one of my artists, Alex, sent to me. I literally looked at it six times through the day and thought, "I should really start writing that stretch goal I still need to do." In quick succession the next thought came, "Oh, wait! Or you could do this!"

So, here is my definitive list for things you can waste the day doing... but still looking at RPG stuff so kind of working.

1) Do the ttrpg equivalent of adding to your Steam library and filter on your favoruite genre (sorting price lowest to highest) on and download a bunch of cool looking stuff you are more than likely never going to read. 

Only $12? Don't mind if I do, and this one I am going to actually play!

2) Learn how to make a cool wand for the It's-Not-A-Harry-Potter LARP you are going to in November. Then, realize you might not have the skill to craft that sucker :(... Then harass your crafty best friend *coughs +Floor Coert* to make you one.

3) Write nine pages (4 articles) for that voluntary job you have writing about RPGs. Make sure the topic of your articles is about "generating content for role play games you are developing" and let the irony wash over you and towel yourself off with the shame. Soon to be seen: HERE

4) Contact someone who was kind enough to run a game of WITCH for you at GenCon and ask her why you can't find the event. Convince yourself that at least this is doing some kind of work on the game you're writing.

5) Read the update of one of your favourite rpg blogs and laugh with the father who got pwned in Star Wars X-Wing by his two lower school daughters... Pretend in your mind you would do way better.

6) (entirely optional) If you haven't done enough none productive writing yet, write an entire blog post about procrastination.

Thank is all!
You are all amazing :D

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