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Playing as a Parent: Karijn

In my series Playing as a Parent, I interviewed a very good friend of mine - Karijn. She is one of the busiest LARP people I know and an amazing role player. I met Karijn a few years ago when I joined and new role play group and we very quickly bonded over a deep love the both of us have... wine. Soon, Karijn was getting me into all types of shenanigans, namely introducing me to LARP and playing the level-headed cousin to my self-absorbed space-aristocrat.

Karijn has a beautiful baby boy and was willing to answer all my poking and prodding questions about what it was like playing when she was pregnant!

If you're interested in the entire series you can check out part 1 & part 2.
* * *

Liz: Karijnt! Tell everyone about yourself and also the dashing & lovely Kasper^^.
Karijn:I live in Amsterdam with my husband, son, and two cats. Since I became a mother, I have more or less put the job search on hold. Though I am a museum conservation worker by trade, I am now more or less del…

Five things to do with RPGs that have nothing to do with what you should be writing...

So, today has been a pretty quiet day, which normally means - yay let's write WITCH stuff. However, today I decided to do absolutely nothing productive WHATSOEVER aside from stare at an amazing drawing one of my artists, Alex, sent to me. I literally looked at it six times through the day and thought, "I should really start writing that stretch goal I still need to do." In quick succession the next thought came, "Oh, wait! Or you could do this!"

So, here is my definitive list for things you can waste the day doing... but still looking at RPG stuff so kind of working.

1) Do the ttrpg equivalent of adding to your Steam library and filter on your favoruite genre (sorting price lowest to highest) on and download a bunch of cool looking stuff you are more than likely never going to read. 

2) Learn how to make a cool wand for the It's-Not-A-Harry-Potter LARP you are going to in November. Then, realize you might not have the skill to craft that su…

Playing as a Parent: Misha B.

I am continuing my quest of trying to figure out what life is like being a parent and a role player with an interview with Misha B! She'll be ever so eloquently answering my probing questions into her role play life :D! You can find part one of the series HERE.

* * * 

I met +Misha B  while doing a panel about romances in RPGs for +Indie+ . And while I am convinced that she is a mind-reading vixen for always stealing my answers to 'what RPG would you recommend', she is wonderful and I knew when doing this topic I needed to have her on the blog!

Liz: Misha before we start could you please tell us a bit about yourself and also your kiddies^^.

Misha: I'm Misha. I'm a database analyst and mom of two, a seven year old daughter and a four years old son. I've been gaming for more than 20 years with a brief hiatus of about 7 years in the middle of that.  I've been back for about 4 years, and I'm enjoying it. My kids are avid video gamers. They especially love …

Playing as a Parent: James A. Walls

So, I am not a parent. In fact, I was one of those people who shuddered each time I saw new parents struggling with their kid in a super market. I always thought 'oh god no! I still need to see X amount of countries and be this successful in my writing career' before I would even consider the possibility of the thought of having a kid.

However, as I grow older things have started to change. The tiny fingernails that terrified me now kind of seem cute. The snotty noses are something I want to wipe rather than run away from. Each time one of my friends who has kids brings them around I want to cuddle the kiddies and give them candy (worst auntie in the world) - rather than force a smile and ignore the children.

So, as my biological clock begins to tick down to some unforeseen d-day -  I need some answers! Namely, I need to know how being a parent changes (or not) my favourite hobby: role play. So, I've invited a really great host of people to talk to me about this topic in …

Secret Spaces: Vampire the Masquerade: Madame Borsa's Pleasure Machine

I continue my series of Secret Spaces! They are tiny setting ideas for you and your campaigns. They can be horrifying, wondrous, epic, or lovely depending on how I am feeling :).This time with an entry for one of my favourite games: Vampire the Masquerade. Warning: this entry isn't PG-13. 

Madame Borsa's Pleasure Machine For: Vampire the Masquerade
The Pleasure Machine was a thought experiment against hedonism in the 1970's, that is what I assumed till I visited Madame Borsa's parlor.

To avoid angering my most gracious host, Madame Borsa, I will only transcribe to these pages what this machine is and the words on the invitation that she had so masterly penned onto her invitation, "For all who visit, it is therefore agreed, that you'll take a trip through my Pleasure Machine."

The Pleasure Machine stood 10 ft tall and was about half as broad. The outside of the machine was an obsidian-black wood, the colour you would only ascribe to a coffin. The only hint…