Friday, April 17, 2015

Life Update

The start of 2015 has been an insanely busy and amazing time for me. So, I thought I would take a break from my normal game blogging to talk to you about what has been going on. I promise some really cool gaming content next week!

What 2014 was like for me:
I was working three jobs - working at the European Space Agency, running my own sewing studio, and trying to get Angry Hamster Publishing ( off the ground. I bought a puppy with my partner and things were insanely hectic, but exciting. 

What 2015 was like for me:
I now only work two jobs - working at the European Space Agency and running Angry Hamster Publishing and I still have an awesome puppy & partner!

March was the month of change. I had known for a while that I wanted to stop with my sewing studio - Handwerk Studio Leiden. I started the studio almost two years ago when I quit my job as a shoe buyer and wanted to so something purely creative. It was amazing to have my own space and give lessons to people who wanted to be more crafty. However, it was never my dream.

Since I was small, my dream was always to make games, and when I was in University the focus was on wanting to write role play games. This is something I never believed possible, till I got fed up one year and said screw it! I am gonna publish my own stuff, I have this entire system written I need to do something with it!

When I made that decision I noticed that the studio became a strain on my time. I wanted to focus solely on writing and, instead of bringing me joy, the studio felt like a chore I had to do to make money. I would have given up the studio right away, but I had put so much work into making it a success - I could not just stop! Luckily, as of the 1st of April three lovely ladies - Caro, Simone, and Mardie took of the studio and are doing fantastic things with it. They are amazing and I am so happy the studio is going forward.

Which leads me to Angry Hamster Publishing. Our very first Kickstarter, WITCH, was an amazing success. We were funded within 48hrs and went on to make over 300% of our original goal. I never thought that something I created could have such a backing, I actually do not know how to express how amazing it is. WITCH has the best community of people ever and I cannot wait to get the books out to them.

Alllll of that happened in March. When I think back on it, I mean it was only last month, it all seems like a distant memory to how things are going now. I am forging ahead with the WITCH book and I am enjoying a more relaxed life. I also am dealing with my inner pessimist that says everything is going to go to crap at any moment cause things have been going to well. However, I am going to ignore her and shutting her up with cookies!

What I am looking forward to for the next part of the year:
Running again! Since I did the 10k I had stopped running, I have started again and it is so nice to be out there again. I forgot how good and freeing it felt to just go for a run. Getting the book printed! I want the WITCH book like yesterday, I can't wait to see the new art! The College of Wizardy - my friends and I signed up for an awesome LARP in a castle in Poland where we can pretend we are wizards AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Lots of love!