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Secret Spaces: Numenera: The Resting Pond

This is my first entry for blog posts I will be writing about Secret Spaces in the role play games I love. They are tiny setting ideas for you and your campaigns. They can be horrifying, wondrous, epic, or lovely depending on how I am feeling :).

The Resting Pond
For: Numenra

They say there is a place you can go, somewhere away from the crash and bustle of the road. A break from utter adventure, from terrifying explorations, a place to pause. Away from the oil, the slick, the crush of machinery. A place lost to time and the crashing of worlds. A place that will be only yours for precious fleeting moments.

You'll find the Resting Pond under a tree that looks like she is crying. Her branches hang low to the ground and sweep away the electric hum of the machines that surround her. Near the her lush green leaves that shoo away chips and bits of nano-hail on the floor, you can see real earth. The kind of earth that is underneath, under layers and layers of time, the kind of earth that breathes life into all things.

If you wander through the tree's branches, daring to touch the only organic thing in your metallic surroundings, you'll step into a world of wonder. A place so foreign, it is terrifying. Under the branches the electric hum outside is quiet and there is a beautiful silence. Here you will find the Resting Pond.

The pond sits at the tree's roots surrounded by the greenest grass you have ever seen. Small, glowing bugs hang lazily in the air, blinking on and off like tired stars. The water of the pond is utterly still and if you take a look into the pool you'll see right to the bottom.

Nothing is out of place here. Nothing is mixed and all is matched. You've heard a word and you finally know what it means, what wonder it can bring, this place, it is - ordinary.

"You step into the Resting Pond and its cool water welcomes you. The pool is only a small bit wider than your arm span and you fit easily on a small ledge inside the pond. The world outside seems far away.  The crash is now splash, the bustle of the road is finally still. You drift to sleep knowing all is well.  
You awaken feeling refreshed, to the sound the sound of static and beeps. The tree is gone and the Resting Pond with it. A pile of leaves blanket your body, your clothes and items are washed and placed carefully next to you. As you continue on your journey all you have left of the Resting Pond is a small, blue stone, that is always cool to the touch."

Special: Item - Cypher: Resting Pond Stone. A Resting Pond Stone is nothing special, only a reminder of where you one were. Small, soft, and cool to the touch, this stone fits easily in the palm of your hand. When you are in utterly dire circumstances, the stone calm and bolster you, making any action you perform next much easier. It will then disappear, as if it was never there.


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  2. Wonderful.
    When I get to run Numenera, I will have someone wander into this place :)

    One question: You use the word "earth". Is that to say this place has actual soil as 21st century people know it, and not "drit" ?


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