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Don't call me cute and tell me my opinions mean something...

I love the word cute. Cute is my word ^o^. Cute means a lot of things to me - it means adorable, it means friendship, it means love. However, recently, I have been called cute a few times and the meaning was perverted. Cute was a mask for other words.

"Oh, you designed a game? That's cute." "It's cute that you want my feedback, but you should know I am difficult to please."  "You're cute, but let me explain how this game works." "It's cute that you think that..." 
Each time I heard the word cute in that way, it was totally demoralizing. These are things you say about child, to pad what you mean, because you don't want to hurt them. It is something you say to put someone down, while bolstering yourself with power in a conversation. You cut off communication by speaking to someone in a way that says 'you're not grown-up enough to engage in the conversation I am having'.

I am a woman, I am not a child.

Please, when …

Beautiful Things Sunday

It is Sunday and I am going to a con to promote WITCH. However, that doesn't mean I have forgotten about you :D.

I hope you had those beautiful moments to pause in your week. To take a breath, to reflect, to let out a sigh of relief. I hope that if things were moving too slowly, you were able to speed them up. I hope if you had none of that and you were feeling overwhelmed that you had a great glass of wine and a few good friends to cheer you up. If you didn't, I hope you know you are awesome :).

First of all, let's talk about music. 

I finally figured out what I am going to do when my Kickstarter is over. I am going to bring my duvet downstairs, I am going to get my favourite bottle of red wine, a pint of Ben & Jerry's double chocolate fudge brownie, and I am going to play the entirety of the Mass Effect trilogy from start to finish for the fourth time. Mass Effect, I feel, has some of the most haunting music of any video game I've ever played. If only for the …

Secret Spaces: Numenera: The Resting Pond

This is my first entry for blog posts I will be writing about Secret Spaces in the role play games I love. They are tiny setting ideas for you and your campaigns. They can be horrifying, wondrous, epic, or lovely depending on how I am feeling :).

The Resting Pond For: Numenra

They say there is a place you can go, somewhere away from the crash and bustle of the road. A break from utter adventure, from terrifying explorations, a place to pause. Away from the oil, the slick, the crush of machinery. A place lost to time and the crashing of worlds. A place that will be only yours for precious fleeting moments.

You'll find the Resting Pond under a tree that looks like she is crying. Her branches hang low to the ground and sweep away the electric hum of the machines that surround her. Near the her lush green leaves that shoo away chips and bits of nano-hail on the floor, you can see real earth. The kind of earth that is underneath, under layers and layers of time, the kind of earth that b…

Beautiful Things Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone!

I have decided to dedicate my Sunday blog posts to beautiful things. We need more precious and wonderful in our lives, that is what this is going to be. Mostly things will be RPG related, because that is my love, but since I can never stay on topic I am likely to post some random things too.

I hope you are having a fantastic Sunday. I hope that people haven't dragged you down this week and if they did I hope you are bouncing back. I hope you have something lovely in your life and if you don't I hope this will help you :).

First of all, it is Sunday, you need a beautiful song. So, please enjoy this while reading my blog post :)

Have you heard of Rebecca Guay?

She is the illustrator of one of my favoruite rpg gaming supplements of all time - Revelations of the Dark Mother. This supplement was for Vampire the Masquerade and followed the life of Lilith - an epic vampiric mother goddess. Rebecca illustrated the entire thing and I fell in love with her work. I…

Playing a Person vs Playing a Character

"What pitfalls should you watch for when presenting queer, kinky or poly romances?"

I was just in a great panel on +Indie+  about romance in rpgs. One of the questions we were asked was, how to avoid pitfalls when portraying gay, pan, or kinky relationships? As we were answering this question, I thought to myself, there is a bigger question here and that is – how to you respectfully portray people other than someone like you?
If you have ever asked yourself this, you are a good person and thank you for caring :). You want to make sure that you don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable over how you are portraying someone they may identify with.
I feel, the answer to this question is very simple – you are playing a person not a character. Often in rpgs, we use the term Player Character or PC and while I am convinced this is because if you used Player Person there would be far too many giggles at the table when everyone declared what their PP was going to do, there is some merit in…