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List: 'One Unique Thing' for your NPCs

We've all got them. The random NPC we just threw in for players to get some information from, who has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, yet the players automatically latch on to. Often, I feel a sense of panicked bewilderment when this happens. A feeling of of, what did I do? Did I raise my eyebrow one too many times? Was it my fault for giving this guy a name... but I give everyone names!

I will accept this no longer! +Red Dice Diaries made a really great Youtube video about creating one unique thing for your player character. The basic idea being, add something to your character that sets them apart from everyone else, but does not help you mechanically.

I have created a list of 'One Unique Things' for my supernatural/fantasy campaign NPCs. So when my PCs, sinking into my convoluted master plot, of which I have only planned the bare bones of, decide that some random poor schmuck has depth of character - he can have depth of character!

I've made plenty of them s…

So you've botched again...

Hi, my name is Liz. (This is where you say hi Liz) Last night I botched for the thrid time in a row.
We've all had these moments. Botching is always bad, botching three times in a row and the only logical course of action is your character to lie on the floor so they can’t hurt anything else, is horrible.
The Dice Gods are cruel, especially when it comes to combat. Normally, I play in relatively diceless games, however, sometimes you just need to smash something over the head with a club and this is when my friends and I get out our dice. While we would all like to think that we botch because the Dice-y Ones above hate our guts, it really is just random. Therefore, brothers and sisters, I am here to show you another way. I am here to preach the gospel of botching!

The idea is simple and one I have adopted after years of playing whilst spectacularly botching. Each time that I botch multiple times in a row, I make a significant change in my character's life and personality. The fi…

Falling in love with your best friend

For about four years I had a really intense love affair with my best friend, in a pretend world where she was a vampire and I was a demon. I thought it would be fun to talk about our experiences and so we had a little interview!
I met Renee through our student club when I asked if there were any players interested in playing a game of Vampire the Masquerade I wanted to run. Renee was one of the people who answered that call and we played a really epic chronicle with our friends that lasted for four years. Within the space of those four years Renee and I played out a love affair between her and a NPC.
Liz: So, Renee! I love you, but I am not in love with you. I guess you pretty much knew that, right? Anyway, to start off with can you tell everyone a bit about the IC love story and eventual triangle of Blanca, Issac, and Gewain? 
Renee: I'm very happy to hear you're not in love with me, because that would be awkward. The love story of Issac and Blanca was neither simple nor short a…