Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Visiting a land you have only dreamt about

At the Parthenon! I ended up taking tons of selfies cause my mom could not figure out how to use my phone's camera. Here is a picture of her inadvertently taking a selfie of herself while simultaneously trying to take a picture of me at the Parthenon.

Greece has been on my bucket list for a long time, namely Athens. When a friend of mine (a native Athenian) told me it was a shithole, my enthusiasm was dampened, but the dream was always there.

Athens has always been the place of my dreams. For four years I ran one of my favourite Vampire the Masquerade (VtM) chronicles and the city featured heavily. In the first chapter, not to get too far into a very convoluted plot, the players were recruited by Mithras to go to Greece and stop a crazy-ass circus.

There they roamed the streets, murdered lovers, and lost sanity. The city I dreamt in my mind was wild, vivid, and beautiful. When I finally arrived in Athens it did not disappoint. While the city has been hit hard by the crisis, the street behind our hotel was only filled with graffiti and a lonely sex store, it is an amazing mix of old and new. Any time I can sip a ice coffee, hear live jazzy Christmas music, and stare up at hill with a monument that is over 2000 years old, I am happy.

Here are just a few places I visited that reminded me of the awesome VtM chronicle we had.

Blanca's chest was heavy with the weight of pointless murder. She wanted to breathe, quick and shallow, try to calm herself, drink in the air greedily, hungering, but she could not. The only thing left to do was wash the blood from her hands and hope Ama never found out what she did.

Abigail took two steps forward peering into the darkness. She was a lady, but there was no way she was going to allow some unseen force lurking in the darkness intimidate her. An outline of a bestial woman crawling down the rocks appeared against the moonlight. The woman, dressed in rags, had the eyes of a cat and mouth full of jagged teeth. "Foreigner, leave now, this is not your domain..." she hissed.

The pack stood alone in at the center of the auditorium. The Cainites of Greece stared down at them, waiting to hear their plea. The Prince looked towards his advisers, never had a woman (let alone three) been allowed to speak within his court. Whatever they had to say, it'd better be good. 

No story here, it's just beautiful :) The temple of Zeus.


  1. Oh intriguing story. Glad you had a great time. Athens is also on my bucket list!

  2. AAAH that is so awesome! I love the fact that you're getting into stories, it makes everything so perfect.