Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things I am obsessed with right now

So I go through phases of intensely stalking people, places and things. I don't have a witty excuse for this, I just really love the internet and have too much time on my hands. Since I have started promoting WITCH my fanatical stalking has taken what some may call a "backseat"... however, I like to think of it as being boiled down, intensified, and focused onto things that are only truly awesome.

Therefore, today I'd like to share with you -the people (and thing) I am currently stalking obsessed with:

I wanna say Amy Poehler, cause she is hilarious, but really I just love Leslie Knope. If Shanna (below) is my real life idol, Leslie is my fictional idol. She embodies everything that has awesome in the world, and while this may also be due to a slight high I have from Netflixing all episodes of Parks & Rec. within the space of one month, Leslie is a magical unicorn made out of candy and dreams. She even inspired to make a very awkward wall of inspirational woman on my study wall that comprises of: her, Shanna Germain, Felicia Day, Tina Turner, Hedy Lamarr, my aunt Gwen (the artist, school head, everything good in the world), my aunt Jenny (amazing art curator), my aunt Rose (my craft guru and fiber soulmate), and my mom (who amongst a lot of other awesome things the woman who survived my teenage years).

2) Shanna Germain

Haven't heard of her? She's only the Managing editor of the Numenera rpg and an awesome erotica writer!!!  So basically, she is my idol. She is also the newest inductee to my wall of inspirational women (adding her prompted this blog post). Also, her blogs are beautiful and fun to read. Generally, I kinda hate reading about people's live, even famous people, cause it's just boring. But she makes her life blog interesting and uses pretty words and sentences like, "This is darkly messy and bleeding, like when you dye your hair black and it stains the back of your neck and rubs off on your sweater and sheets and lover for weeks." She also owns a friggen adorable dog (which I might be more obsessed with than her), so in the horrible narrative that is my fantasy I can imagine we walk our dogs together and geek out about role play. So let's end with this:

3) Karise Eden
I don't need to write anything about her, her voice is perfect, she is perfect. Watch this and I dare you not to cry:

4) Tormore Scotch Whiskey
So I bought this whiskey without thinking. I needed a good one for my birthday party and the sucker was on sale. One liter for 35euros? Don't mind if I do. Since the bottle wasn't finished at the party, I have started to finish it off myself. Delicious, smooth, hello alcoholism! Also, the distillery for this whiskey is adorable an makes me want to take a Ron Swanson trip there and cry on a hill while reading poetry.

Are you currently stalking anything in the non-police intervention type of way? Let me know!


  1. Amy and Tina need their own show. Too bad both have shows that don't get the rating they deserve

    1. This would probably be the best show of all time! We need to start a petition :D

  2. You are the sweetest. We can totally walk our dogs together. Imagine the geeking-out that would get done. But only if we kidnap Leslie too!

    1. Omg! You posted on my blog! O_O How did you even find this? You're so awesome! I'll totally work on the whole Leslie thing. Haha okay gonna stop now before I start to worry people :P

  3. Whiskey! I'm all Tina Fey and Korvol organic Whiskey (distilled right here in Chi-town.