Monday, January 12, 2015

Explaining the history of my RPG through music

So common sense dictated, that unlike some of my more inspired blog posts, I should not put this post on the main blog of

Why you ask?

I love Taylor Swift, like hard core love Taylor Swift. I sing her songs daily to my dog Leia and I am pretty sure she (like Jon Bon Jovi and Brian Molko) has sung a song for every memorable moment of my life.

So here we go, the utterly abridged history of the Fated, as told by Taylor Swift. (We're gonna be skipping a plethora of historic Fated decades to accommodate my need to fit this all into a fantastic lyrical trip through T. Swift's musical master pieces.)

In the beginning there was the First, the Morrigan and the Dagda. 

They sold their soul to a demon called a Fomori protect their people from a great threat.

The First giving away their soul angered the Spirit of All Things who sent a great flood to wash the earth clean of their filth.

Though the First perished, the idea of stealing souls persisted and demons began to prey upon humanity. Many humans were all to happy to oblige, ever trying to improve their lot in life. 

Fated society reached its height in the Middle Ages, but like every great city it had to fall. Consumed with greed and lust for powers the Fates waged war against one another seeking supremacy.

The war raged for years till one Fate, the Seers, was hunted to extinction. Face with the realization of what they had done the Fates made peace.

However, the damage of the Fate War was done and the Fated population was culled. Hunters became organized and witches and warlocks were no longer able to use their powers out in the open.

Nowadays, Fated live with being ever tainted by the loss of their soul. However, where there is despair there is always hope and while they have sold their soul, their eyes have been opened to the great enigma that is our world. A world filled with magic, a world filled with mystery, and a world filled with adventure!

The End!

And for thoes of you who really hate Taylor Swift, but still magansed to read to the end of this blog post, you're awesome and:

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  1. why did i not notice this entry before?!?!?!?! I need to show t his to our GM, it'll give him an awesome guide for when we start witch campaigns