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Crafting Tiny Nerdy Things For Valentines

Gratuitous amigurumi fantasy animal butt shot

Valentines, Galentines, & Palentines day is coming! For this nerdy crafty things are needed. Why? Cause it is awesome and while your significant other is scarfing down the obligatory delectable chocolates they can also be playing with tiny adorable animal fantasy figures!

I present you with Rugdar the fox Barbarian and his faithful bear-companion Gunther.


To crochet these tiny figures you need:

  • scraps of brown, beige, and grey yarn
  • 2.5mm crochet hook
  • tiny piece of brown felt
  • optional: enough pink felt to make a heart
Rudgar the Fox Barbarian

Body (with the beige yarn):
  1. Make a magic ring
  2. inc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc (9 sts)
  3. 36 sc
  4. dec, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, dec
  5. FO

Helmet (with grey yarn):

  1. Make a magic ring
  2. inc in each st around (12 sts)
  3. 24 sc
  4. turn, ch1, 8 sc
  5. turn, ch1, 8 sc
  6. FO
Cut two tiny triangles and sew them onto the helmet. Cut a larger triagle for the fox tail, wrap it into a cone, and sew it onto Rugdar's butt!

Gunther the Bear-Companion 

Body (with the brown yarn):
  1. Make a magic ring
  2. 18sc
  3. dec, dec, dec
  4. FO
Helmet (with grey yarn):
  1. Make a magic ring
  2. inc, inc, 4 sc (8 sts)
  3. 8 sc
  4. turn, ch 1, 5 sc
  5. turn, ch 1, 5 sc
  6. FO
Cut off a small piece of the brown yarn and sew on two little ears onto the helmet.


Suit your intrepid adventurers up and send them into the world to fight evil!


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