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The day my character was raped...

Yes, Wheaton's law applies to RPs
My cardinal rule of GMing is: don't be a dick. I've broken this rule on numerous occasions the two of which I regret most are: the little horse farm known as 'fecking kill me now' and getting my most level headed best friend to yell 'you're a bitch!' at me during an OC conversation (might be persuaded to write a post about these later).

These were also times when I broke my second rule as a GM: shut up and take it. You literally control your player's characters lives - if they have feedback sit down, shut up, and listen to what these nice people who are putting up with you have to say. If you know me, you know that for me to shut my mouth and listen is a big thing, so I pride myself in the ability to do this as a GM.

These two rules I have set myself come from years of being a GM, but also being a player. Namely, they come from the time one of my most beloved character's got raped.

Like every group who has play…

Crafting Tiny Nerdy Things For Valentines

Valentines, Galentines, & Palentines day is coming! For this nerdy crafty things are needed. Why? Cause it is awesome and while your significant other is scarfing down the obligatory delectable chocolates they can also be playing with tiny adorable animal fantasy figures!

I present you with Rugdar the fox Barbarian and his faithful bear-companion Gunther.

To crochet these tiny figures you need:

scraps of brown, beige, and grey yarn2.5mm crochet hooktiny piece of brown feltoptional: enough pink felt to make a heartRudgar the Fox Barbarian
Body (with the beige yarn): Make a magic ringinc, sc, inc, sc, inc, sc (9 sts)36 scdec, sc, dec, sc, dec, sc, decFO
Helmet (with grey yarn):

Make a magic ringinc in each st around (12 sts)24 scturn, ch1, 8 scturn, ch1, 8 scFO Cut two tiny triangles and sew them onto the helmet. Cut a larger triagle for the fox tail, wrap it into a cone, and sew it onto Rugdar's butt!
Gunther the Bear-Companion 
Body (with the brown yarn): Make a magic ring18scdec…

Things I am obsessed with right now

So I go through phases of intensely stalking people, places and things. I don't have a witty excuse for this, I just really love the internet and have too much time on my hands. Since I have started promoting WITCH my fanatical stalking has taken what some may call a "backseat"... however, I like to think of it as being boiled down, intensified, and focused onto things that are only truly awesome.

Therefore, today I'd like to share with you -the people (and thing) I am currently stalking obsessed with:

1)  Leslie Knope I wanna say Amy Poehler, cause she is hilarious, but really I just love Leslie Knope. If Shanna (below) is my real life idol, Leslie is my fictional idol. She embodies everything that has awesome in the world, and while this may also be due to a slight high I have from Netflixing all episodes of Parks & Rec. within the space of one month, Leslie is a magical unicorn made out of candy and dreams. She even inspired to make a very awkward wall of…

Explaining the history of my RPG through music

So common sense dictated, that unlike some of my more inspired blog posts, I should not put this post on the main blog of

Why you ask?

I love Taylor Swift, like hard core love Taylor Swift. I sing her songs daily to my dog Leia and I am pretty sure she (like Jon Bon Jovi and Brian Molko) has sung a song for every memorable moment of my life.

So here we go, the utterly abridged history of the Fated, as told by Taylor Swift. (We're gonna be skipping a plethora of historic Fated decades to accommodate my need to fit this all into a fantastic lyrical trip through T. Swift's musical master pieces.)

In the beginning there was the First, the Morrigan and the Dagda. 

They sold their soul to a demon called a Fomori protect their people from a great threat.
The First giving away their soul angered the Spirit of All Things who sent a great flood to wash the earth clean of their filth.
Though the First perished, the idea of stealing souls persisted and demons be…

Visiting a land you have only dreamt about

At the Parthenon! I ended up taking tons of selfies cause my mom could not figure out how to use my phone's camera. Here is a picture of her inadvertently taking a selfie of herself while simultaneously trying to take a picture of me at the Parthenon.

Greece has been on my bucket list for a long time, namely Athens. When a friend of mine (a native Athenian) told me it was a shithole, my enthusiasm was dampened, but the dream was always there.

Athens has always been the place of my dreams. For four years I ran one of my favourite Vampire the Masquerade (VtM) chronicles and the city featured heavily. In the first chapter, not to get too far into a very convoluted plot, the players were recruited by Mithras to go to Greece and stop a crazy-ass circus.

There they roamed the streets, murdered lovers, and lost sanity. The city I dreamt in my mind was wild, vivid, and beautiful. When I finally arrived in Athens it did not disappoint. While the city has been hit hard by the crisis, the st…

So You Want To Be A Writer

New Years!

So I was on holiday in Greece with my mom (blogging about that next week) and at night I saw a scotch add on TV. Instead of something with half naked women on the screen it had a really fantastic voice over  with a man reciting a poem. I can now honestly not remember what the people were doing on the screen, except for a lot of them had very serious/very constipated looks on their face.

The words spoke to me, like I am sure they did millions of others, and I wanted to share them with you. The poem is called 'so you want to be a writer?' by Charles Bukowski. I am now officially in love with this man and have spent too many hours reading everything of his I possibly can.

If you don't want to read the entire poem, though I really suggest you do, I leave you with this following excerpt (and a youtube link at the bottom of the page) which I think it just great advice for life and what I am going to try to live up to in the next year:

don't be dull and boring and pr…