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Discrimination and the Holidays!

tl;dr version in last two paragraphs :P

I was a very awkward child and teen. I tried desperately to be cool and at every turn I was foiled... by me. Whether that was because of my questionable fashion sense (I still stand by bicycle shorts and a neon-colored alien shirt being a fashion statement) or the fact my ideal man was William Riker (then Worf… then Riker again…. Damn you Deanna Troi!) from Star Trek TNG, I just nerded out from a very early age and stayed there comfortably. However, I always took solace in my own imaginary world.

When I hit high school I found out that there were other people who lived in their own imaginary world together in a magical place called Neverwinter Nights (NWN). For those of you not familiar with NWN it was a computer game based on DnD 3.5 that also had online servers that hosted a number of different types of games, one of them being role play. In NWN I was no longer drama class geek Liz (yes I nerd-geekdom took a myriad of fantastical forms), but Ari…