Monday, March 18, 2013

GIVEAWAY... yeah that got your attention....

But first... Time for an update. It has been far too long and far too late for me to do this. I find that verbal diarrhea on my facebook page is so much easier, then like putting thoughts into stuff... you know?

Lol okay all excuses aside, things have been going really well. A few weeks back Erik (hubby) linked my site to Reddit and I got some custom orders. It was so awesome! Then more order came in, etc.etc.etc. It was amazing XD.

What was not so amazing was the fact that I bought the entire city of Leiden out of light grey yarn! I tried pre-ordering, but apparently after the month of February grey yarn is not produced anymore (it is a conspiracy!) Sweet lord please tell me why the yarn industry considers 'grey' a seasonal colour? It is not, I worked in fashion, I know this. Where is your constant colour card?!?

Honestly, I have never so many yarn stores in Leiden and I didn't know my greed for yarn till I biked to all of them. For all of you in Leiden, here are some links to the yarnstores / haberdasheries that sell yarn: ´N Steekje Los (this is my favourite I love the lady who runs it, she makes you feel so comfortable every time you go in- even if it is just to pet her yarn collection), Plastic Huis - Boduurshop  (2nd favourite for lovely man who works there and all the crochet/knitting accessroies), Ribbles (the ladies are snooty- good yarn though), Holland StoffenhuisMol en de GrootSnijders Textile, not to mention the super cheap yarn at the Zeeman or Wibra!

Besides for all of that, I have decided to start pattern writing seriously and also teaching crochet lessons. I sort of need to get out of the house and I think teaching courses will help me meet new people. Once I have the course outlined and the location I will let you all know.

Pattern making? Well yes, one thing I learned from doing the market, is everyone likes my stuff (yes ego), but no one wants to pay for it - they want to make it themselves! Aaaaannnnd therefore I am going to work on patterns for these beauties:

If you love these scarfs and don't want to spend time slaving away crocheting them - they are on sale now at my store!

Well that is all for now... oh yeah.

TLDR - I want free stuff! 

I am giving away this adorable little monster with a bow tie for free! His name is Rick, he has a bit of an ego, but if your bow tie was that cool you would too right?

All you have to do is comment below withsomethingrealnicesoyouwillhaveabetterchanceatwinning and give me your email so I can contact you if you win! If you don't feel comfortable putting your email in the comment box, you can PM it to me via my facebook.

The winner will be drawn on 16 April 2013. All entries are valid till that date!

Till then! xxxxx