Monday, April 8, 2013

Back Problems aka Bag Solutions

A little story about my inspiration to make light-weight bags :)

Soooo, maybe not a lot of you guys know this, but I have major back/shoulder problems. It started while I was still working for the fashion company due to stress and just got worse and worse... Till I had to go on pain killers and do lots of physio therapy to solve it. It sounds overly dramatic now, but at the time it was a big issue for me. I think a lot of people go through these things and let me tell you it sucks :P.

It is still a minor issue for me now. Normally, when I go out with Erik he is sweet enough to carry by bags for me even if it is a bright pink faux-Balenciaga, but he isn't always with me. When that happens normally I just have to grin and bear it with a bag that really hurts my shoulders. You might argue that I should not carry a bag at all, but erm hello people accessories=life.

Yes, my loving husband actually carries this around for me.

Any way - recently I began to make my own bags. I wanted something cute that I could carry around without a crazy amount of extra weight. I tired a few things, but they all looked shit and way too 'oh look I am a crafter!' (really not my thing.)

But then I came across this pattern and I am super happy with it!

Sometimes I still get some pain in my shoulder, but now /at least/ it isn't coming from my bag. I am really motivated to keep on making these bags and selling them in my store, not just for people with shoulder back problems like me, but also people who just want cute things :D.