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Update: The Market, The Store, The Life :P

So, I promised a proper update and here it is!

First off, I finally opened up my Etsy store! I am super proud of it and you should all check it out by clicking the widget at the top left of my blog! Also, if you love me (or don’t) and feel like shamelessly promoting my adorable amigurumi to your friends and family – love you long time.

Now for an update on the market – welllll it was a mixed experience for me. The weather was horrible, but I have my mom and my Floor (girlfriend) to keep me company, so in that way it was super nice. Plus, there was the nicest man in the stall next to use who looked like a mix between Santa and Indiana Jones let us use his tarp as cover from the rain, so that was epic.

However, I really didn’t sell that much at all. In fact no one did :S. Some people were saying it is down to the financial crisis and others were saying it was because of the weather, I am just not sure.
It was really a shame, because this was by far the largest handmade market I had been to in Holland. There were amazing stores there with amigurumi, baby stuff, fudge, fresh bread, hats, clothes, really whatever you could thinks of! Dutch weather y u no go away?
There was one beautiful, lovely customer who loved my stuff as much as my ego does and she bought my fox shawl right at the end of the market. It is hard to describe her, but she had cat eye eyeliner and red lipstick - was totally hip and fashionable and the kind of girl that you would hate if you could - but she is too cute and sweet to do so – and deserves this run-on sentence. Plus, she had a really adorable kid with her and so it really brightened my otherwise cold rainy day. SO lady if you are reading this, thank you!

But honestly I am not complaining. For all that whining the day was really fun and I got to meet some amazing people. Also, it was motivation for me to get my Etsy store up /the next day/ because I told so many people it would be -_-.

The most interest I had was in my fox shawl, which I understand cause it is fluffy and nice. So, that is what I am going to focus on next week – coming soon to my store: a fox, a racoon and a ferret! 

What am I going to do this week you ask? I am going to sit on my butt and do nothing because I think I have earned it. After working from 9am-2am every day for the past week, it is time for a break. I need to level my GW2 character:
And I need to play Mass Effect (all of it) again! I have been using the music for my RP chronicle and now I have nostalgia. Femshep will rise again! And I don’t care about the promise I made to myself before about not falling in love with Garrus again. I am going to do it. I don’t care. Our love spans multiple characters and the universe ending again and again. Yes, our love is that serious. Like Rick Astley serious.

I leave you with this:
And this:


  1. You really shouldn't secretly impregnate me with surprise garrus pictures. That's just wrong.
    Also I guess i'm hipster too since I love your fox scarf!!!

  2. Haha, I think everyone loves foxes at the moment, it makes me happy! And I had to post Garrus pictures, his awesomeness needs to be felt by all!

  3. Small businesses here are having a hard time this holiday season as well. We think it's the economy and all the instability in the world making people nervous. Especially living in a Southern state, people are terrified of Obama ruining this country (but don't get me started on all that, let me just say I live in the wrong part of the US. lol).


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