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Update: The Market, The Store, The Life :P

So, I promised a proper update and here it is!

First off, I finally opened up my Etsy store! I am super proud of it and you should all check it out by clicking the widget at the top left of my blog!Also, if you love me (or don’t) and feel like shamelessly promoting my adorable amigurumi to your friends and family – love you long time.

Now for an update on the market – welllll it was a mixed experience for me. The weather was horrible, but I have my mom and my Floor (girlfriend) to keep me company, so in that way it was super nice. Plus, there was the nicest man in the stall next to use who looked like a mix between Santa and Indiana Jones let us use his tarp as cover from the rain, so that was epic.

However, I really didn’t sell that much at all. In fact no one did :S. Some people were saying it is down to the financial crisis and others were saying it was because of the weather, I am just not sure.
It was really a shame, because this was by far the largest handmade market I had been…

All the unsold products from the market today will be going on Etsy tomorrow. Watch out for the link ^^