Friday, November 23, 2012

Seasonal Shmeesonal

I want to let everyone know there will be a January give-away on my blog to celebrate my birthday. Watch this space and ask friends to check it too if they want free stuff!

So, I am not going to say bah humbug... cause I love Christmas. I love Christmas so much it took me till the age of 9 or something to realize that there was no Santa (and that was just because my dad forgot to throw away packing of toys my mom set up and they got into an argument about it.) Any way, what I am going to say is what is with all the seasonal products?

Okay, admittedly everything I am seeing on my blog roll is awesome. I love the little ornaments and mangers scenes... I want ALL OF IT - going back to my Christmas craziness and how much I love it.. but seriously, it is too much stuff. I know as a responsible store owner, I should start pumping out the Christmas stuff too, but I can't bring myself to do it.

I have made a few ornaments... but they are zombie apocalypse tree ornaments. Work in progress, need more braiiiins:

And a few other sets as well, but something cannot bring me to the spirit of Christmas crafting. In fact, every time I see another picture of a random Santaball it pushes me further away from crafting any of the stuff... It does make me want to annoy my husband and take out the tree early though.

Conclusion: Like many things in life, maybe Christmas crafting is not about you (the maker) but about the cheer you bring to others when they see your red/green interposition! Yay, Kodak moment!

Maybe hearing about scaring stories will make me more in the Christmas-crafting mood. So:

Question: When did you first hear there was no Santa/Sinterklaas? How old were you and any funny stories?


  1. Omg, too bad it won't fit in, in my tree XD! Those eyeballs look AWESOME. If I know what I would use them on/for, I'll order :D!

    I think.. I was about 9? I remember being told to not talk about it with other kids :O!!
    Oh and I remember asking 'but I still get presents right?"

  2. Ok - I have no idea how - but i wasn't subscribed to your blog. Now I am - Crisis averted. Seriously I could have sworn that I was... I suck.

    I kind of figured Santa wasn't real when my cousin got a present. I mean he was horrible to me, how come he got a gift?! I was about 9, which is sort of late.
    Such bewildered betrayal led me to the realisation that Santa was cruel or that it was a parental. Haha to my young rational mind who hated being bullied by relatives.

    I sort of suspected long before that though - mainly through the judicious application of scietific observation. I doubted Santa could park his sled on the rickety roof of our home in the Philippines without alerting the dogs or falling through. And his reindeer would have died from the heat.

    Also - I want all the things

  3. I LOVE IT! Zombie Apocalypse Christmas Ornaments! I can just see them wearing little Christmas sweater with glittery yarn, and glittery hair or drool...

    I can't remember when I stopped believing in Santa it was so long ago. Anyway, I've switched to Befana, the old Italian Witch who not only brings presents but cleans your house! Now she's someone I can love!