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Seasonal Shmeesonal

I want to let everyone know there will be a January give-away on my blog to celebrate my birthday. Watch this space and ask friends to check it too if they want free stuff! So, I am not going to say bah humbug... cause I love Christmas. I love Christmas so much it took me till the age of 9 or something to realize that there was no Santa (and that was just because my dad forgot to throw away packing of toys my mom set up and they got into an argument about it.) Any way, what I am going to say is what is with all the seasonal products? Okay, admittedly everything I am seeing on my blog roll is awesome. I love the little ornaments and mangers scenes... I want ALL OF IT - going back to my Christmas craziness and how much I love it.. but seriously, it is too much stuff. I know as a responsible store owner, I should start pumping out the Christmas stuff too, but I can't bring myself to do it. I have made a few ornaments... but they are zombie apocalypse tree ornaments. Work in progre…

Artistic Liberties?

Soooo, I am taking a break with my normal 'I am opening a shop! I am so happy now! blahblahblah!' To actually ask you guys a question *gaspshockhorror*! Here it goes: How much 'artistic liberty' do you think an artist/maker can take with their work? Where does this question come from? Well my lovely sister in-law is leaving her work and she asked me to crochet her some Maneki-neko key chains for her favourite patients so she can give them as gifts. Maneki-neko (full description in the link above) are little Japanese kitties normally used as a good luck charm. Or if you are from my native Thailand a give-me-money! charm. What makes them recognizable is their little paw next to their cheek and the large coin they wear around their neck. When I finished the five white kitties she asked me to make, I decided to leave out the paw because it just looked ugly and the things were too darn cute already. I took that artistic liberty :P. When I run my RP chronicle I take a …