Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Before /anything/ I AM BEING FEATURERED ON A BLOOOOGGGGGGGGG! For my zombie stressball pattern. Check it out here, next Thursday, on Crochet addict's Thursday Handmade Love!!!!

So! I want to say that I have the best husband ever, just about every blogger who is married says this - but I win. Erik is made of WIN and epic and he makes me happy! Why? Well, I still can't believe I get this time to be creative and start my business. I realize that what I am doing is work, but it feels so amazing <3 I can't get over it. I can't believe I have a family that supports me starting a new profession... So Erik - I love you!

Now on to business, everything has been moving incredibly fast. I started my facebook page: and I already have 32 likes ^_^. I realize that might be small fishes, but it makes me happy. I also have a fantastic friend who is social media literate and she is helping me arrange my Tweets, Facebook, and bloggy things so I think I am pretty much set.

I have also been crafting my ass off. It has felt so fantastic to crochet again, everything has went smoooooooth with that. Sneak preview:

Sewing is another story. I have forgotten what it was like sitting behind a machine again. At the moment pattern cutting is infuriating and I am dreaming (aka having nightmares) about interlining. Nothing seems to be working :(. Ignoring my pity party above, I am still loving it. I want to make tote and make-up bags - I will make these if it kills me!

That's all for now, lots of love and hugs!


  1. That little guy up there is sooooo cute! Congratulations on the new business!