Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Update: The Market, The Store, The Life :P

So, I promised a proper update and here it is!

First off, I finally opened up my Etsy store! I am super proud of it and you should all check it out by clicking the widget at the top left of my blog! Also, if you love me (or don’t) and feel like shamelessly promoting my adorable amigurumi to your friends and family – love you long time.

Now for an update on the market – welllll it was a mixed experience for me. The weather was horrible, but I have my mom and my Floor (girlfriend) to keep me company, so in that way it was super nice. Plus, there was the nicest man in the stall next to use who looked like a mix between Santa and Indiana Jones let us use his tarp as cover from the rain, so that was epic.

However, I really didn’t sell that much at all. In fact no one did :S. Some people were saying it is down to the financial crisis and others were saying it was because of the weather, I am just not sure.
It was really a shame, because this was by far the largest handmade market I had been to in Holland. There were amazing stores there with amigurumi, baby stuff, fudge, fresh bread, hats, clothes, really whatever you could thinks of! Dutch weather y u no go away?
There was one beautiful, lovely customer who loved my stuff as much as my ego does and she bought my fox shawl right at the end of the market. It is hard to describe her, but she had cat eye eyeliner and red lipstick - was totally hip and fashionable and the kind of girl that you would hate if you could - but she is too cute and sweet to do so – and deserves this run-on sentence. Plus, she had a really adorable kid with her and so it really brightened my otherwise cold rainy day. SO lady if you are reading this, thank you!

But honestly I am not complaining. For all that whining the day was really fun and I got to meet some amazing people. Also, it was motivation for me to get my Etsy store up /the next day/ because I told so many people it would be -_-.

The most interest I had was in my fox shawl, which I understand cause it is fluffy and nice. So, that is what I am going to focus on next week – coming soon to my store: a fox, a racoon and a ferret! 

What am I going to do this week you ask? I am going to sit on my butt and do nothing because I think I have earned it. After working from 9am-2am every day for the past week, it is time for a break. I need to level my GW2 character:
And I need to play Mass Effect (all of it) again! I have been using the music for my RP chronicle and now I have nostalgia. Femshep will rise again! And I don’t care about the promise I made to myself before about not falling in love with Garrus again. I am going to do it. I don’t care. Our love spans multiple characters and the universe ending again and again. Yes, our love is that serious. Like Rick Astley serious.

I leave you with this:
And this:

Monday, December 10, 2012


Hey guys!


I can't wait to see what you think! Please, check it out now and let me know!

EpicxCloth on Etsy


Friday, November 23, 2012

Seasonal Shmeesonal

I want to let everyone know there will be a January give-away on my blog to celebrate my birthday. Watch this space and ask friends to check it too if they want free stuff!

So, I am not going to say bah humbug... cause I love Christmas. I love Christmas so much it took me till the age of 9 or something to realize that there was no Santa (and that was just because my dad forgot to throw away packing of toys my mom set up and they got into an argument about it.) Any way, what I am going to say is what is with all the seasonal products?

Okay, admittedly everything I am seeing on my blog roll is awesome. I love the little ornaments and mangers scenes... I want ALL OF IT - going back to my Christmas craziness and how much I love it.. but seriously, it is too much stuff. I know as a responsible store owner, I should start pumping out the Christmas stuff too, but I can't bring myself to do it.

I have made a few ornaments... but they are zombie apocalypse tree ornaments. Work in progress, need more braiiiins:

And a few other sets as well, but something cannot bring me to the spirit of Christmas crafting. In fact, every time I see another picture of a random Santaball it pushes me further away from crafting any of the stuff... It does make me want to annoy my husband and take out the tree early though.

Conclusion: Like many things in life, maybe Christmas crafting is not about you (the maker) but about the cheer you bring to others when they see your red/green interposition! Yay, Kodak moment!

Maybe hearing about scaring stories will make me more in the Christmas-crafting mood. So:

Question: When did you first hear there was no Santa/Sinterklaas? How old were you and any funny stories?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Artistic Liberties?

Soooo, I am taking a break with my normal 'I am opening a shop! I am so happy now! blahblahblah!' To actually ask you guys a question *gaspshockhorror*! Here it goes:

How much 'artistic liberty' do you think an artist/maker can take with their work?

Where does this question come from? Well my lovely sister in-law is leaving her work and she asked me to crochet her some Maneki-neko key chains for her favourite patients so she can give them as gifts.

Maneki-neko (full description in the link above) are little Japanese kitties normally used as a good luck charm. Or if you are from my native Thailand a give-me-money! charm. What makes them recognizable is their little paw next to their cheek and the large coin they wear around their neck. When I finished the five white kitties she asked me to make, I decided to leave out the paw because it just looked ugly and the things were too darn cute already. I took that artistic liberty :P.

When I run my RP chronicle I take a lot of artistic liberties with history in order to give my players a good story, but somehow twisting history with words (perhaps because that is all it is) does not feel as wrong to me as when I was making the Maneki-neko without hands. For EpicxCloth I have consciously decided that artistic liberties can be taken in the name of cuteness (yay!) For RP I have decided that artistic liberties can be taken in the name of a good story, but it has left me wondering where the border of this is? Or is there even a border in the name of art?

I have no idea, what do you think?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Before /anything/ I AM BEING FEATURERED ON A BLOOOOGGGGGGGGG! For my zombie stressball pattern. Check it out here, next Thursday, on Crochet addict's Thursday Handmade Love!!!!

So! I want to say that I have the best husband ever, just about every blogger who is married says this - but I win. Erik is made of WIN and epic and he makes me happy! Why? Well, I still can't believe I get this time to be creative and start my business. I realize that what I am doing is work, but it feels so amazing <3 I can't get over it. I can't believe I have a family that supports me starting a new profession... So Erik - I love you!

Now on to business, everything has been moving incredibly fast. I started my facebook page: and I already have 32 likes ^_^. I realize that might be small fishes, but it makes me happy. I also have a fantastic friend who is social media literate and she is helping me arrange my Tweets, Facebook, and bloggy things so I think I am pretty much set.

I have also been crafting my ass off. It has felt so fantastic to crochet again, everything has went smoooooooth with that. Sneak preview:

Sewing is another story. I have forgotten what it was like sitting behind a machine again. At the moment pattern cutting is infuriating and I am dreaming (aka having nightmares) about interlining. Nothing seems to be working :(. Ignoring my pity party above, I am still loving it. I want to make tote and make-up bags - I will make these if it kills me!

That's all for now, lots of love and hugs!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Well, my current blog layout is... conflicted at best, but I just had my first day at my ´new´ job and I had to post! For anyone who is not soooo updated on my life at the moment (because we haven´t talked in a while, or maybe you´re just one of the random lovely people who follow my blog) I HAVE QUIT MY DAY JOB!!!

Edit: I already left my job! After a lot of soul searching (so much as a semi nervous break down spurred on by the starling realization that you hate your job is) I realized that I needed to go after my dream of really starting my online business.

So I am :D.

Okay so most of what I did to day was just clean up and run errands. I have sort of been neglecting the cleanness factor of our house for let´s say 5 months, but still it felt good to do something besides sit behind a computer all day (unless that is playing games... cause you know I would heart that.) I went to Ikea with Mum and got some things for my ´studio´ yesterday, when it is in a somewhat presentable state I will make sure to take a picture, before I ruin ti again. Plus, at the end of today I got in some actual crocheting time so I am a happy camper!

Crafting with a little help of an Ancient one:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn :P

Thursday, July 19, 2012