Friday, November 25, 2011

Where have I been?

I think a better question is where haven't I been this past 1/2 year? China, HK, Thailand, the UK... I have really been running around. Not to mention the fact that Erik and I bought a house oh yeah and we are getting married. Sadly my craftly adventures have been limited to stalking the 'Quit your day-job' pages of Etsy over and over again. Oh and making props for my VtM chronicle, but since they consist of a lot of instant coffee (don't ask), I don't really think that counts.

My resolution: I really need to get off my ass and start crocheting/sewing again. Where was all that lovely motivation I had? I think I lost it somewhere between jet lag and burn out, haha we will see!

So all I need to do now is fly home from China and move in 5 days... then I am home free... except for the new visa I need and all the wedding paperwork. Jesus being an adult is lame sometimes, how did our parents do it?

Any way new ami's soon I promise and untilllllll theeeeeen:


  1. I agree! Being an adult is LAME. And there always seems to be paperwork involved. What is with that?

  2. LiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!
    congrats man - i knew you and Erik moved in but yay for wedding bells!!
    and yes - get back onto the crafty wagon! (I have, slowly) we can drool and troll etsy.

    But you know what - the travel does kill all motivation.
    Good luck on your VtM props - (props to your props?) - I haven't played that since, well... since you guys... or maybe even before that cause I dont remember doing Chronicles with you.
    I am currently modding my little ponies... I am insane.