Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bunny Bags!

Well play time is over or so it seems. I am very much back to work and though it is nice to see all my awesome college's again... I forgot how much working sucks -_-. Not so much that I hate my job, but the fact that I have to be an adult and work for my money -_- (yes, that was the second slanty eyed face). Oddly enough- even when I was staying up till 4am every morning to finish my products for the craft's fair, I never thought "Wow, this sucks!" But I guess that is the difference between a hobby and work, right?

Enough of the pity party, time for some cool stuff! Since I got back from my holiday I have been obsessed with making bags that look like monsters and animals... Please don't ask me why, I am weird, but when I came back from Thailand with all that inspiration etc. this is what I came up with!

The bunny Tote bag is one in a series of tote's I will be selling on my Etsy store. They are all made out of super soft cotton a lined with fun print's like flowers, checks & houndstooth.

For the fun little purple monster pouch - I will be posting instructions to make one yourself next week! I just need to perfect the pattern before posting!


A view of the two

Close up of the Bunny Bag

Pattern coming sooooooon for:

Ps - It is seriously time for a new camera! These are taken from the BF's phone, which is sadly better than my digital camera -_- (yes, that makes three!)

1 comment:

  1. AAaaaaaahhhhh Liz your stuff is so cute!!!

    I need, no, must commission you one of these days...

    also - dont know if you remember ehr - Naizhen? aka Spoon? also a Leiden roomie back in the day has a crafty site too:

    I used to work for her and Julien as their translators at fairs and cons in paris and such.

    its great to see your blog it is effing epic and totally geeky!!

    lots of luv