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Back from holiday!

Well, I am back from the mother country and I have mixed feelings. I miss the family I left behind, but I am happy to be back at home... maybe not back at work :P. Plus, the family is just a plane ride away so, I can’t complain too much. Thailand was beautiful, inspiring and single handily convinced me that I now want a table while watching my nephew play Warcraft 3 style Tower Defence on a 3 hr. car drive. (Seriously, love that game /drool!)

Three big highlights of the trip for me were: 1) My boyfriend proposed! Woohoo! I am so very excited and well yes! 2) Okay, to be honest you can’t really follow up a proposal in favourite things but – I also visited a silk factory that was just... awesome. Annnnd 3) OMG yarn! I bought 10 balls of yarn for the price of 5 euros. The now fiancĂ© had to drag me away before I bought more and threw away all my clothes so the yarn could fit into my suitcase :P.

I have come back with so many ideas and have already started working on them, a set of amigurumi…