Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Life Up-date & Queen's Day Gear up!

Hey all!

Well some news from me I am indeed back. Since my last posts I have gotten a promotion at work (huzzah!) but to a non-design role = no creativity. However, in the end it was a really good move for me and my out of work hobbies, because it jump started me realizing that I really (reallyreallyreallyreally) need to get my Etsy shop going. If I am ever going to reach my goal of owning my own store one day I need to get off my ass!

Therefore, I have done a few things. First off, I got seriously 2.0 and you can follow me on Twitter @epicxcloth. Also! A friend and I are going to have a stall on Queen’s Day!

For all of you who are not Dutch (or don’t know the celebration) it is a big holiday here celebrating the Queen’s birthday! To celebrate we drink a lot of beer (as per any celebration), but also there is a huge yard sale basically everywhere, where everyone takes their old stuff out of their house and sells it. I have gotten some great deals from Queen’s day - a grey vintage clutch, a gold plated swan bowl etc. etc. etc. For anyone who loves rummaging through the cast-offs of someone else’s life this is the day for you!

If you are in Leiden, the Netherlands on the 30th of April – Please stop by and see us! We promise lots of crafting and cool lemonade for anyone we know who drops by! When I know where my stall will be I will post asap.

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