Sunday, April 17, 2011


Well, it seems that for Queen's day in Leiden you either have to be a child (emotional states - don't count so I am out) or you have to be selling used things. Therefore, boohoo! However, I am still in proactive mode and therefore I signed myself up for the Crafty Markt.


I have always been interested in doing the Crafty Markt, but to be honest being in the presence of so many awesomely talented crafters/artists is a bit daunting. Queen's Day was going to be my training wheels, I mean my stuff /had/ to look awesome next to all that used crap, right? Plus, my friend Floor was going to be there selling with me and she could have been my emotional support if nothing went right :P, but she can't make it to the Crafty Markt.

So there I was floating up shit creek and I thought to myself - who do I really need to turn to? So, I invited my boyfriend and his immediate family to join me. His father & sister are excellent people/sales people and his mother, well she is just awesome! I also bribed another close friend of mine into coming by letting my fricken legs hang over my ears for an hour and agreeing to do pilates with her :P. Now they have all accepted and I am happy, things don't seem do daunting when you have people you love with you!

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  1. Heyas! I don't know where I saw it but you asked what kind of acrylic lacquer I used? It's Aleene's Final Step Spray Acrylic Sealer in Gloss Finish. I purchased it at Michael's. I'm pretty sure you can find it at any arts and crafts store. Sorry to hear you could sell your amigurumi on queen's day :(