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Where have I been?

I think a better question is where haven't I been this past 1/2 year? China, HK, Thailand, the UK... I have really been running around. Not to mention the fact that Erik and I bought a house oh yeah and we are getting married. Sadly my craftly adventures have been limited to stalking the 'Quit your day-job' pages of Etsy over and over again. Oh and making props for my VtM chronicle, but since they consist of a lot of instant coffee (don't ask), I don't really think that counts.

My resolution: I really need to get off my ass and start crocheting/sewing again. Where was all that lovely motivation I had? I think I lost it somewhere between jet lag and burn out, haha we will see!

So all I need to do now is fly home from China and move in 5 days... then I am home free... except for the new visa I need and all the wedding paperwork. Jesus being an adult is lame sometimes, how did our parents do it?

Any way new ami's soon I promise and untilllllll theeeeeen:

Bunny Bags!

Well play time is over or so it seems. I am very much back to work and though it is nice to see all my awesome college's again... I forgot how much working sucks -_-. Not so much that I hate my job, but the fact that I have to be an adult and work for my money -_- (yes, that was the second slanty eyed face). Oddly enough- even when I was staying up till 4am every morning to finish my products for the craft's fair, I never thought "Wow, this sucks!" But I guess that is the difference between a hobby and work, right?

Enough of the pity party, time for some cool stuff! Since I got back from my holiday I have been obsessed with making bags that look like monsters and animals... Please don't ask me why, I am weird, but when I came back from Thailand with all that inspiration etc. this is what I came up with!

The bunny Tote bag is one in a series of tote's I will be selling on my Etsy store. They are all made out of super soft cotton a lined with fun print's like…

Back from holiday!

Well, I am back from the mother country and I have mixed feelings. I miss the family I left behind, but I am happy to be back at home... maybe not back at work :P. Plus, the family is just a plane ride away so, I can’t complain too much. Thailand was beautiful, inspiring and single handily convinced me that I now want a table while watching my nephew play Warcraft 3 style Tower Defence on a 3 hr. car drive. (Seriously, love that game /drool!)

Three big highlights of the trip for me were: 1) My boyfriend proposed! Woohoo! I am so very excited and well yes! 2) Okay, to be honest you can’t really follow up a proposal in favourite things but – I also visited a silk factory that was just... awesome. Annnnd 3) OMG yarn! I bought 10 balls of yarn for the price of 5 euros. The now fiancĂ© had to drag me away before I bought more and threw away all my clothes so the yarn could fit into my suitcase :P.

I have come back with so many ideas and have already started working on them, a set of amigurumi…

Crafty Markt Pictures

Well, my mind is completely on holiday! Erik & I leave for Thailand at 14:00 and all I can think about is family and sandy beaches. However! I promised pictures of the Crafty Markt and pictures you will receive. The air space will be quite for around 3.5 weeks, but when I get back more picture spam.

Love, Liz

Yarn... yarn... yarn...

Well I am just about cross-eyed now! I have been crocheting every day in anticipation of the market and I still feel like I have so much to do. A close friend pointed out it might help to have a few signs and well that is the last thing on my mind right now. I am mostly thinking about the 3.5 week holiday the boyfriend and I are going to have. Luckily I can do this with a crochet hook and yarn in my hands :).

Just a few pictures I have been working on. I apologize in advance for the pictures, I am back to using my own camera and I need to either get a new one... or maybe better batteries I am not too sure. I think some googling is in order.

The battlefield that was my bed last week, but trust me I am doing a good thing. Those teddies were getting put together, not dismembered, I promise!

A little doggie key chain.
The colours a bit hard to see here, but the body is a salmon creme and the ears are pale pink. He comes with jet black accents ^_^.

A little night whisp.
He has a silver black bo…

Getting Ready for the Crafty Markt

So, in much anticipation for the lovely Crafty Markt I have taken some pictures to show you what I will be selling. This is just a sneak preview so keep your eyes peeled!

A little birdie told me...

Tree Sprite

A bear named Rose

Hanging on the street ^_^


Tote Bag with jersey lining

Asymmetrical bag with cotton-floral lining

Ruffle cowl


Well, it seems that for Queen's day in Leiden you either have to be a child (emotional states - don't count so I am out) or you have to be selling used things. Therefore, boohoo! However, I am still in proactive mode and therefore I signed myself up for the Crafty Markt.


I have always been interested in doing the Crafty Markt, but to be honest being in the presence of so many awesomely talented crafters/artists is a bit daunting. Queen's Day was going to be my training wheels, I mean my stuff /had/ to look awesome next to all that used crap, right? Plus, my friend Floor was going to be there selling with me and she could have been my emotional support if nothing went right :P, but she can't make it to the Crafty Markt.

So there I was floating up shit creek and I thought to myself - who do I really need to turn to? So, I invited my boyfriend and his immediate family to join me. His father & sister are excellent people/sales people and…

Life Up-date & Queen's Day Gear up!

Hey all!

Well some news from me I am indeed back. Since my last posts I have gotten a promotion at work (huzzah!) but to a non-design role = no creativity. However, in the end it was a really good move for me and my out of work hobbies, because it jump started me realizing that I really (reallyreallyreallyreally) need to get my Etsy shop going. If I am ever going to reach my goal of owning my own store one day I need to get off my ass!

Therefore, I have done a few things. First off, I got seriously 2.0 and you can follow me on Twitter @epicxcloth. Also! A friend and I are going to have a stall on Queen’s Day!

For all of you who are not Dutch (or don’t know the celebration) it is a big holiday here celebrating the Queen’s birthday! To celebrate we drink a lot of beer (as per any celebration), but also there is a huge yard sale basically everywhere, where everyone takes their old stuff out of their house and sells it. I have gotten some great deals from Queen’s day - a grey vintage clutch,…

I'm Back!

Lil' Zombie Stress Ball


DIFFICULTY: Shamefully easy


Materials= 2 colours of yarn (1 for body, 1 for braaaaains), 2 safety eyes, embroidery thread

Hook = Whatever you like! The smaller the hook & yarn the smaller your Zombie. I used a 3.5mm for this and it makes the little guy palm sized.

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
ST= Stitch
FO = Finish Off
DEC = Decrease



Foundation = Magic ring 6
Round 1= 2 SC in each ST around
Round 2= 1 SC in the next ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Round 3= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Round 4= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Round 5= 1 SC in the next 4 ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Rounds 6 -16= SC around ((Don’t forget to stuff the foot!))
Round 17= 1 SC in the next 4 ST then DEC - do this till end of round
Round 18= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then DEC - do this till end of round
((Add in safety eyes & stuffing her…