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Invisible Decreasing

Hey everyone!

So this time I am not posting about anything I am doing, but instead giving you a very useful link! I checked my blogroll this morning and I found just about the coolest post I have seen in a while - how to do an invisible decrease. For those of you who alreayd know about it, I am sure this is just a 'big whoop', but for thoes of you who don't this is really awesome ^_^. I think the best part of the whole tutroial is that there are very clear, well taken pictures and this really helps.

The link is here and I suggest for all of you who love amigurumi to follow Rinske on her blog Fun & Fang!

Up & Arty

Right, so I made myself a deviant art account. I have now promised myself that I am going to try to make one sketch per day and I thought that it would be fun to have some place to post them. You Can find my deviant art account here ;).