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Life Update

Right, so I haven't simply just posted in a while so, I thought that I would. As per normal my life has been crazy... Work harder than I expected blah, blah, blah. I have posted about it before so no point in rehashing the past.

I do have a fun update though! As some of you may know I gave my work colleges little amigurumis when I thought that I was leaving the company... well.... Now people are starting to order my stuff! I have already done two orders one of an alcoholic pig and another of an artist dragon. It was so much fun working on these orders (pics to come at one point... possibly)! It is nice to have a reason to craft, rather than just starting a bunch of random projects.

I also have a new order for a little kitty ^_^. I am going to make her a cool little house to go along and a milk bowl. I am so excited to start this project, but first I am going to relax for the weekend!

This weekend my Mom is visiting and so are my boyfriend's parents because there is a festival in…

Cuppy The Alien


Cuppy the Alien


So I have been shamefully neglecting my blog, but I have put up a new pattern for all of you. I was inspired to make an alien from an amigurumi along in Raverly! I hope you enjoy the pattern.


Materials= I colour of yarn, 2 safety eyes

Hook = Whatever you like! The smaller the hook & yarn the smaller your alien etc.etc.etc.

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
ST= Stitch
FO = Finish Off
DEC = Decrease


Feet (make one)

Foundation = Magic ring 6 (if you don’t know what a magic ring is please find a tutorial here. This is the tutroial I learnt from and it is awesome ^_^)
Round 1= 2 SC in each ST around
Round 2= 1 SC in the next ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Round 3= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Rounds 4 -7= SC around ((Don’t forget to stuff the foot!))
Round 8= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then DEC - do this till end of round
Round 9= 1 SC in the next 1 ST then DEC - do this till end of round
Round 10= DEC…

Teasing my Spoilie.....

Hahahahahha *pokepokepoke*

Okay, this swap is getting to me... too much false power etc.etc.etc.