Friday, August 6, 2010

Swap Partner

Right! So, as you might have guessed I am participating in a swap (on Raverly)! I just got my partner's name and I am so excited to start. The swap's theme is: zombie & apocalypse so I know I am going to have a great time with this one! We have to keep our swap partners a secret so I will shut it on any more info about him/her. Sufficed to say I am super excited ^_^.

On other projects... Well at the moment I am trying to finish an angel amigurumi I started about a week ago. It is inspired by my own favourite end of days scenario a biblical apocalypse. There is just something about angels/plagues/ etc/etc/etc that speaks to me haha! Plus I grew up in the 90's/2000's (what do we call that the 00's?) and there was a whole slew of movies about biblical end of days that I religiously (pun intended) watched as a kid.

Any way! This leads me to my next question: What is your ideal apocalyptic scenario?


  1. Oh I am so excited for you and your swap! I didn't know Ravelry had swaps?! Wow! I have been swapping on and it's been uber fun, but I forgot to post pictures! I am also intrigued by this angel you are crocheting. Revelation is a very fun book!! I might join you in making something from it. We should start a theme and do a photo shoot... Wait, I am getting ahead of my self. HA HA. Did you ever make those earrings? I'm am going to post some red ones on etsy soon :D

  2. Ahh theme and photoshoot sound awesome! Once I get the angel done I will post it for sure.

    Oh! And I haven't made the earrings yet, but I got everything to make them. I settled on maroon ribbon and a sort of teal colour in the end. I also bought really big loops and two small ones, just to mess around with the sizes. Ahhh, now I am to go make them now, but maybe I should wait till it isn't 1:30 in the morning :p.