Thursday, August 19, 2010

Life Update

So! My life has been insane. Good news – I got my working visa and I can go back to work Monday. Bad news – I am super lazy and I just don’t know if I can handle a working life *swoons* :P. To be honest, I was getting a bit antsy not working and I really think it will be good for me to leave the house as it has pretty much come down to me muttering to myself on the couch and making things for my swap partner. I guess this is what happens when you are a ‘grown up’ and you have to live in the ‘real world’ and all your friends are grownups who work in the real world too /cry. Meh, I’ll get over it, I mean I still have this lovely internet world to escape to filled with amigurumi D&D dolls and people I can talk to without wearing pants that button, huzzah!

Okay enough of the cruel, cruel world rant and on to what I have been doing in terms of crochet. First off, I have some rocking patterns for everyone. But! I need to wait to post them till I send my swap package. I have one that I am very, very excited about and I hope you will all love it!

As for now, I made a small little pattern in the mean time. I sort of got bored of the zombie / apocalypse theme and went back to my D&D roots. The pattern is in the next post coming, but here is a teaser:

This is Paul, Paul is a Beholder, there is only one problem… He came out snowy white and unfortunately what is adorable to us surfacers is despicable to the xenophobic Beholders of Underdark (I mean they’re evil & Paul loves to wear a bow on his left eyestalk, which doesn’t help.) Paul is on a run for his life and in need of friends. If you have seen anyone willing enough to befriend an albino beholder call: 800-PAUL-4-FRNDS. Thank you!


  1. That. Is. So. Cute! And being a grown up is totally overrated. Or so I've been told...

  2. It is totally overrated. I think next time I go to visit my Mom I will protest and lock myself in my old room and just crochet!