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Crochet Hook Grips/Handles

Right! So today I wanted to blog about something a little different than I normally do. First off - because I am totally not not working right now, which I should be. Secondly, this is really lovely and I want to share it with everyone!

Topic: Crochet Hook Holders

So for those of you who don't live in the US or don't have access to crochet hook grips it can be very annoying! I think I have now built up a nice little callous on my finger, but before I would get blisters for crocheting too tight. This sucks. Period. But! I have found our saviour! While perusing a tapestry crochet website I found this tutorial to make crochet grips out of bake-able clay (Fimo for example).

Now I don't know if I am the densest person in the world, but I seriously never thought of the idea! It is a fantastic idea and you can make beautiful handles for your hooks. I found tutorials to make flowers, faces, etc.etc.etc. Hurrah for the internet!

Check out the tutorial here, it is a little bit from th…

Beholder Pattern

Here is the patterns for Paul, the Albino Beholder. You can of course, make him a normal ruddy beholder colour if you want (it is your amigurumi :D), but I simp[ly thought the world didn’t have enough happy-go-lucky cute things ;). Also, if you find the 10 eye-stalks too much you can also put less on. (I won’t even get into an intense nerd-debate with you about hoe a beholder actually does need all 10 eyestalks in order to be awesomely magical.)




Materials= I colour of yarn, 1 safety eye, 10 black beads (see below), yarn needle, thread for sewing a mouth

Hook = ((2.5mm)) I am not putting a 'strict' hook size here, because you can basically do this pattern with any size hook & any size yarn. The larger the yarn/hook, the larger your beholder will be. However! This is very important make sure to guage your thread around the black beads that you buy for the eye stalks. My pattern calls for a CH6 around the eye beads and you should check this before you start. If y…

Life Update

So! My life has been insane. Good news – I got my working visa and I can go back to work Monday. Bad news – I am super lazy and I just don’t know if I can handle a working life *swoons* :P. To be honest, I was getting a bit antsy not working and I really think it will be good for me to leave the house as it has pretty much come down to me muttering to myself on the couch and making things for my swap partner. I guess this is what happens when you are a ‘grown up’ and you have to live in the ‘real world’ and all your friends are grownups who work in the real world too /cry. Meh, I’ll get over it, I mean I still have this lovely internet world to escape to filled with amigurumi D&D dolls and people I can talk to without wearing pants that button, huzzah!

Okay enough of the cruel, cruel world rant and on to what I have been doing in terms of crochet. First off, I have some rocking patterns for everyone. But! I need to wait to post them till I send my swap package. I have one that I a…

Swap Partner

Right! So, as you might have guessed I am participating in a swap (on Raverly)! I just got my partner's name and I am so excited to start. The swap's theme is: zombie & apocalypse so I know I am going to have a great time with this one! We have to keep our swap partners a secret so I will shut it on any more info about him/her. Sufficed to say I am super excited ^_^.

On other projects... Well at the moment I am trying to finish an angel amigurumi I started about a week ago. It is inspired by my own favourite end of days scenario a biblical apocalypse. There is just something about angels/plagues/ etc/etc/etc that speaks to me haha! Plus I grew up in the 90's/2000's (what do we call that the 00's?) and there was a whole slew of movies about biblical end of days that I religiously (pun intended) watched as a kid.

Any way! This leads me to my next question: What is your ideal apocalyptic scenario?

Happy Flower Pattern

Here is another pattern, for the happy flower I made for my co-worker! Enjoy!


Happy Flower Amugurumi Pattern


Materials= 3 to 4 colours of yarn, safety eyes (or another colour of yarn for the eyes)

Hook = 2.5mm

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
TC= Triple Crochet
ST= Stitch
FO = Finish Off
DEC = Decrease


Foundation = Magic ring 6 (if you don’t know what a magic ring is please find a tutorial here. This is the tutroial I learnt from and it is awesome ^_^)
Round 1= 2 SC in each ST around
Round 2= 1 SC in the next ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Round 3= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Round 4= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then SC twice in next ST - do this till end of round
Rounds 5 -15 = SC around
Round 16= 1 SC in the next 3 ST then DEC - do this till end of round
Round 17= 1 SC in the next 2 ST then DEC - do this till end of round
(This is a good time to add your eyes & stuff the head!)

Round 18= Switch yarn colour …