Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Projects! Finally!

Right! I made these for little girls for my work colleagues! They are a happy flower, punky bunny, fashion cat and a surfing seal. Yes, it is an odd bunch - but if you knew these people it isn't so odd!

These projects have been a little bit of what I have been up to, but I have a few more projects to post (I am going to save those for next week as one photo session with my horrible camera is enough.)

I am going to post a new pattern of one of my creations, but I am not sure which one. Does anyone have a vote? The one with the most will win. I know this is a bit silly as I only have like 6 followers (who count for like 1000 in their sheer awesomeness ^_^) or something like that, but maybe there is one that is more awesome than the others and in that case I will post that pattern :D.


  1. This is a tough choice! I'm thinking fashion cat.

  2. Hey! I noticed you were following my blog, so I figured I'd drop in. Your amis are adorable! I love the surfing seal and punk bunny, but then again, anything surfing and/or punk is awesome.

    As far as D&D, I'm planning on making some ami polyhedrals this week for a friend's kid that turns 3 in August. I'll keep you posted on my blog!

  3. Haha, now I have a vote for all four of the little critters! I think I will start on a pattern for the flower and then just work through them all. Much easier :D. Plus, the more patterns the better, right?