Friday, June 25, 2010

Mini! Human Wizard

Right, so this has nothing to do with crocheting, but I thought I would post it any way! Another hobby I have is repainting my minatures for D&D so that they look at least some what like my characters. Unfortunetly, though WoTC tries very hard to make awesome minis, a lot of them are painted too fast. Plus, for some reason I can never find one that looks like my character, hence my repainting so many of them.

The most recent one I have re-painted is one of an Elf Druid. I repainted her to look like my Human Wizard - Gwen. Gwen was basically zapped into the Elemental Chaos as a young woman after casting a ritual that went very wrong. She lived there for 40 years, fighting for her life and growing in power. etc. etc. etc. Finally, when she figured out how to get home she was in her 60's - but when she got home it was as if only minutes had passed.... Therefore she began her life as an Adventurer!

I wanted her to look a bit odd, strange clothing (for a wizard at least) and also like she lived a hard life. I think that was pretty much accomplished, not my best painted mini, but for a project done in an hour I am pretty proud of it.

The pic above is my mini repainted & the one below is a before picture.


  1. It's amazing how different they look depending on what colors you choose. Good job!
    My husband and I paint miniatures, too. The place that we love to get minis and paint from is Their warehouse is actually only a few minutes from where we live so we go there to browse quite often.

  2. Ooo very nice website /drool. I love the pathfinder minis they have up there. <3 - Seltyiel Iconic Eldritch Knight - I am not sure I would have enough stamina to paint it though. I am still trying to get through the 30 Snotlings (mini goblin guys) I bought becuase I thought they were cute >_<.

  3. 30? Ugh. I know what you mean though. We also play Warhammer 40k and the squads can be up to 20 minis who all have to be uniformly painted.

    Your D&D group is going to appreciate having the snotlings. We had to use skeletons and d6's for everything because that's all our DM had. lol

    I miss playing D&D and those minis were the funnest to paint!