Friday, June 4, 2010


So I tried felting last night! I just got some wool yarn and I made a little kitty out of it, very cute and very small of course. So I decided why not wash it and make even smaller (and cuter?:P) In any case I am not sure I got the correct results. I can still very much see all my crochet stitches and though it shrunk - it wasn't that much.

Why did this happen? Okay I have a few ideas. My aunt said maybe my washing machine isn't harsh enough to the clothes so it doesn't get enough friction to shrink. (But I mean this can't be true because I by mistake felted one of my boyfriend's favorite sweaters, by washing it too warm >_<). But! Okay second idea - I put my little cat in a sock before I felted her because I didn't want her to get sucked up by my washing machine so maybe she didn't get knocked around enough. Hrm, hrm, hrm!

I am going to try again this weekend and post when I see how it goes!


  1. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for commenting on my post the other day! I am happy to hear you are excited about crochet and making what you are passionate about.

    I read up on felting last night at B&N. In the book I was reading it said that you could felt it by hand with warm soapy water and using friction on it with your hand. You'll have to do this several times, ringing out the water in between passes until you get your desired effect.

    It also mentioned machine washing it in hot water and throwing in some towels or jeans with your crochet project to add friction.

    Here is an article I read just now that has some good tips too:

  2. Oh! Thanks so much for the tip ^_^. It is a great idea & I am going to try doing it by hand this time, I am just crocheting a new kitty now and then I will try it.

  3. Aw the kitty turned out so adorable! The felting looks nice too.