Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Deva Invoker

He is done huzzah. Okay so making the accessories was not as bas as I thought it was going to be. Actually once I was done with the helm it was quite fun. I think the helm is what threw me off because it is pretty hard to get one that fit the doll & also fit what Deva's are meant to wear, but now I am really happy with the result.

In the end I decided to hand sew the entire outfit except for the sleeves because I used a really thin fabric on them & if I didn't zig zag the ends they would have just fallen apart. It was nice to hand sew because I could do it in front of the TV plus if you make a mistake you see it right away rather than have hours of fun with your seam ripper, which is always a plus.

In any case! My next projects: Finish felted cthulu & HUGE red dragon! But first I must wait to get paid or else my bank account will break up with me ^_^

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