Friday, June 18, 2010

Cheer me up Cthulhu!

So my friend told me she was having a crappy day, so I decided to finish this for her! I had a random Cthulhu body that I had made/felted just for an experiment laying around & I thought why not? She needed to be cheered up so I added some cute little pink wings and bows galore ^_^. Over all I am happy with the way this project went. It was a nice break from the epic dragon I am attempting to make. (A projects which is going... okay. Despite the fact that I have un-ravelled the belly twice now hahahah.)


  1. This is super cute! I hope it cheered up your friend :D

  2. I think it did! Plus, I think that the fact that we went out and had fun/complainging/girly time also helped. I am not sure which helped more haha!