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Lil' Monsters Dice Bag Pattern

Right! So here is my first pattern. If you make it, please let me know! I am very curious to see if my instructions are clear enough or not.

Lil' Monsters Dice Bag

This is a very simple & easy pattern to replicate - so if you are a beginner this might be good for you :D. Also, I am pretty sure you can scale up this pattern a few sizes and it will be fine, so don't worry if you don't have the exact right size yarn & hook.


Materials= 2 colours of yarn (body & hair), felt for decorating & yarn needle

Hook = 2.5mm

Final Size = 9cm (aka- holds twelve d10s quite nicely ^_^)

CH = Chain
SC = Single Crochet
FO = Finish Off


Foundation Chain = CH 26
Round 1 = Turn work, skip one stitch and SC back down - at the end of the row instead of turning your work add an extra crochet into the last ST and ST around (eg - work on the other side of the foundation chain), this makes one round.
Round 2- 25 = SC in each SC around. At the end of the last round cut yarn & le…

Mini! Human Wizard

Right, so this has nothing to do with crocheting, but I thought I would post it any way! Another hobby I have is repainting my minatures for D&D so that they look at least some what like my characters. Unfortunetly, though WoTC tries very hard to make awesome minis, a lot of them are painted too fast. Plus, for some reason I can never find one that looks like my character, hence my repainting so many of them.

The most recent one I have re-painted is one of an Elf Druid. I repainted her to look like my Human Wizard - Gwen. Gwen was basically zapped into the Elemental Chaos as a young woman after casting a ritual that went very wrong. She lived there for 40 years, fighting for her life and growing in power. etc. etc. etc. Finally, when she figured out how to get home she was in her 60's - but when she got home it was as if only minutes had passed.... Therefore she began her life as an Adventurer!

I wanted her to look a bit odd, strange clothing (for a wizard at least) and also li…

Cheer me up Cthulhu!

So my friend told me she was having a crappy day, so I decided to finish this for her! I had a random Cthulhu body that I had made/felted just for an experiment laying around & I thought why not? She needed to be cheered up so I added some cute little pink wings and bows galore ^_^. Over all I am happy with the way this project went. It was a nice break from the epic dragon I am attempting to make. (A projects which is going... okay. Despite the fact that I have un-ravelled the belly twice now hahahah.)

Dragon's Tail

Got back from my Mom's yesterday! It was a lot of fun, but sad when I had to leave as I only got to see her for the weekend. I think she is going to come to visit me some time in June though - si it isn't that bad!

Note on crochet hooks on the plane: 'Elf' was right, if they are wooden & plastic it is okay, just not metal. Haha, I wish I read that post before I got there! I only have metal hooks so I couldn't bring it on board :(. Luckily my boyfriend was there to take my hooks home so they didn’t get taken by security.

On to my crochet project! Here is a picture of the tail of the Red Dragon I am working on. Though I am planning on making it very large, I decided to use a 2.5mm crochet hook & (obviously) yarn to fit. I want to get the look of very small scales over the body. So far I am happy with the way it is turning out. I put wire in the pail so that you can move it how you would like etc. Plus it wasn't fitting to have a dragon that can't have i…

Can you bring crochet needles on a plane?

So I am going to see my Mom this weekend! I am really excited I haven't seen her since I graduated University so it is going to be nice to go home. Plus, I get to see my two dogs & kitties so I am happy! Hopefully all we are going to do when I am there is eat chinese food and veg out on the couch :D. It is going to be so much fun!

But I have a conundrum! Can you bring crochet hooks on the plane? I am only carrying hand baggage onto the plane because I am only going to stay for a weekend & I don't want my hook to be taken away. I have read a few websites and everyone says something different. Then again I read the official website for flying in the states and they said you can bring scissors on the flight as long as the blade is shorted than 4inches... So I would think you can bring a crochet hook too, right?

Any way I am going to ask at the check-in desk when I get to the air port. I will let everyone know how it goes :D!

Deva Invoker

He is done huzzah. Okay so making the accessories was not as bas as I thought it was going to be. Actually once I was done with the helm it was quite fun. I think the helm is what threw me off because it is pretty hard to get one that fit the doll & also fit what Deva's are meant to wear, but now I am really happy with the result.

In the end I decided to hand sew the entire outfit except for the sleeves because I used a really thin fabric on them & if I didn't zig zag the ends they would have just fallen apart. It was nice to hand sew because I could do it in front of the TV plus if you make a mistake you see it right away rather than have hours of fun with your seam ripper, which is always a plus.

In any case! My next projects: Finish felted cthulu & HUGE red dragon! But first I must wait to get paid or else my bank account will break up with me ^_^

Helms & followers ^_^

Yay! I have two followers and it makes me happy :D. Plus, Rae gave me awesome advice so that is just the cherry on the cake.

I finally finished a helm that I like for my Deva. It is tall and ridiculously ornate, which is basically perfect for the look I am going for. Seeing as it has taken me a few tries to get to this, I am pretty happy with how it came out. Now to make all the other finicky bits that Deva's like to wear. We will see how that goes. Hehe, the accessories are taking longer than crocheting the actual doll.

Therefore! Note to self: Next project - HUGE Red Dragon. All crochet & no accessories! Till I got crazy and decide that the Red Dragon needs a treasure pile. If you don't hear anything in two weeks you will know I have died under a pile of Fimo clay :P.


So I tried felting last night! I just got some wool yarn and I made a little kitty out of it, very cute and very small of course. So I decided why not wash it and make even smaller (and cuter?:P) In any case I am not sure I got the correct results. I can still very much see all my crochet stitches and though it shrunk - it wasn't that much.
Why did this happen? Okay I have a few ideas. My aunt said maybe my washing machine isn't harsh enough to the clothes so it doesn't get enough friction to shrink. (But I mean this can't be true because I by mistake felted one of my boyfriend's favorite sweaters, by washing it too warm >_<). But! Okay second idea - I put my little cat in a sock before I felted her because I didn't want her to get sucked up by my washing machine so maybe she didn't get knocked around enough. Hrm, hrm, hrm!
I am going to try again this weekend and post when I see how it goes!

Deva Invoker

Okay I finished the body of my Deva Invoker last night! I will post it later here when I upload the photo. I am working on the armor right now and it is kicking my butt. I am using Fimo clay to work on a aluminum foil mold and the mold is too bumpy. Hrm, I am going to try to make a better mold today. If anyone is reading this and has tips let me know! Haha, I think that I am going to have about 15 helms before I make the right one.

Tiefling Warlock

Right, so for my first project I made a Tiefling Warlock. I am really happy how her hair turned out as I orginally bought that yarn to make a baby cap for my boyfriend's nephew, but stupid me over-estimated my crochet skills and it was comepltly un-doable. :P So! I found another purpose for it, huzzah! I also made her an implement and a purse for her GP, because well every adventurer needs that.